Asteroid Blues


A diplomatic mission to the Chimney's gone awry.

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Yu Jing
Cdr. Philip von Kruse
Captain Jag Kara

After intercepting reports implying attempted infiltration by Shasvastii units impersonating Yu Jing soldiers, a liason officer (HVT) with an escort was sent to deliver a request for information from the Aleph forces on the asteroid. After being denied the request and told to await for an official reply, the escort and the HVT came under attack by Aleph units exclaiming “Death to the alien menace!”
The circumstances are still unclear, but a diplomatic delegation should be sent to demand an explanation for the attack on a diplomatic mission in order to acquire a clearer picture of the situation.

Notes: Sorry for the unpainted models. We also proxied a few models. Proxies are listed below.


Profile – Name – Model
Achilles (Spitfire Lieutenant) – Achilles – Hector
Atalanta – Atalanta – Naga Sniper
Thrasymedes – Thrasymedes – Deva Spitfire
Thorkites (Forward Observer) – Penelope – Dart
Thorkites (Forward Observer) – Elena – Kappa Pistol
Thorkites (Forward Observer) – Ioanna – Kappa Combi
Machaon – Machaon – Machaon
Myrmidon (Spitfire) – Theseus – Myrmidon Spitfire
Myrmidon (Boarding Shotgun) – Jason – Shukra
Myrmidon (Boarding Shotgun) – Phaedra – Myrmidon Officer Shotgun
HVT – Thamyris – Thamyris

Invincible Army
Profile – Name – Model
Dāoyīng (Lieutenant L2 Hacker) – Zhu li – Dāoyīng Hacker/Camo Marker 3
Hǎidào (Sniper) – Dai Li – Hǎidào Sniper
Zhanshi (Paramedic) – Ma ren – Zhanshi
Zhanshi (Paramedic) – Yang Li – Zhanshi
Zhēnchá (SMG) – Chen Liu – Sun Tze v1/Sil 2 Template
Zhēnchá (SMG) – Míng Jíe – Mech-engineer/Camo Marker 2
Zhēnchá (Boarding Shotgun) – Niàn Zhēn – Zuyong Multirifle/Camo Marker 2
Zhēnchá (Boarding Shotgun) – Wěi qí – Zhanshi Yīshēn/Camo Marker 1
Hac Tao (Missile Launcher) – Yuàn Bó – Wu Ming HRL
HVT – Liaison Officer Shū lán – Free-lance Stringer

“Surprisingly rude for such a diplomatically capable organization” Shū lán thought. Something did seem… different though. Where they usually acted very professional, it seemed as though they were both very dismissive and stalling for… well, something. Was it suspicion? Surely not. Their refusal to grant the request still seemed odd though. Odder still to ask Shū lán and her escort to await an official response, especially when it had been made clear they were refusing the request. Lieutenant Zhu li, recently recovered from having her body destroyed and consciousness inserted to a new body was certainly on edge and rather grumpy to be sent anywhere near Aleph units after the incident at the bar. She immediately advocated taking up defensive positions, and since the Lieutenant had the final say when it came to Shū lán’s safety, Shū lán could not stop her from taking such excessive measures.

It would soon be proven to have been a wise decision.

“I just saw an Aleph soldier.” Niàn Zhēn said over the comms. “I don’t think he saw me.”. Suddenly, another fellow peeked around the corner. “I think his mate saw me”

Without warning, three rockets were fired at Niàn Zhēn, immediately followed by Chen Liu’s head exploding into a fine red mist and suddenly there was a cacophony of noise over the comms, with Lieutenant Zhu Li shouting for info regarding the enemy positions, and for all people to get to cover immediately! Shū lán did as instructed and felt suddenly nauseous. She wanted to close her eyes and pretend this wasn’t happening, but then again, she was not a soldier.


“What the actual censored are those binary bastards doing?! This is a diplomatic mission!” ´Lieutenant Zhu Li thought to herself. “Someone get a message back to HQ and let them know, we need someone to clear up this mess.”
“Aleph must have lost their minds to attack a diplomatic mission requesting information that they could simply refuse to accommodate. Why do this?”
Suddenly, Wěi Qí roared with the clear sound of close quarters combat over the comms, followed by a sound that Zhu Li only could imagine was Wěi Qí getting impaled. And then in an instant, it was gone. Clearly, Wěi Qí was already KIA.
“By the Emperor, they brought censored Achilles! He just skewered Wěi Qí!” Míng Jíe proclaimed loudly over the coms. “I think I can get him though, moving in!” Míng Jíe climbed up on the shipping container behind Wěi Qí’s position and opened fire with her SMG’s. It did nothing. Achilles simply dodged it. Achilles moved toward’s Míng Jíe with such speed and then, Míng Jíe too disappeared from comms.

Shū lán had heard Lieutenant Zhu Li shout for someone to contact HQ, yet Shū lán’s own equipment seemed not to function. Then, she noted that she herself was sitting right next to an antenna. Surely, with a bit of elbow grease she would be able to use it to contact HQ?… After a shout from further ahead and Míng Jíe shouting on comms about Achilles, then suddenly going silent, Shū lán increased her efforts. “Damn it, I don’t want to die here, someone please answer! You’re my only hope…” The rest of her pleas to the transmitter remained in her throat, as she noticed Achilles moving in, and in one flowing motion destroy the antenna and strike her down.

Out of censored nowhere, shots rang out from behind Niàn Zhēn and he found himself dodging to the left and getting in cover behind the antenna against Achilles firing wildly like a madman and not hitting squat, when suddenly the piece of shit with the rocket launcher poked out again. “Oh bugger” would end up being Niàn Zhēn’s last words as he was for all intents and purposes atomized by another three rockets.


“This is going downhill too damn quickly!” Zhu Li thought, considering for a moment whether to simply retreat or to wait for a response from HQ. She decided on the latter. Two were dead, but perhaps there would still be a chance to kick them in family jewels for what they did to her in the bar… She didn’t get to finish her train of thought before she got hit hard from her left flank by shots from Achilles, who apparently had the legs of a cheetah, because “HOW THE HELL DID HE ALREADY GET THERE, WASN’T HE JUST FIGHTING MÍNG JÌE?!”. Zhu Li tried to get to cover, but with her own intestines spilling out and in excruciating pain, the only thing she could do was sit down and hope she didn’t look like enough of a threat.

“Yuàn Bó, we need to retreat” Zhu Li gasped with every utterance juggling some part of her innards that really shouldn’t move like that. “Distract them so the others can fall back. Yang Ren, I need you to either get me moving, or make sure the neural implant is working so I can get brought back.”

Despite the previous failure in the bar and now this, they obeyed. If nothing else this was a blessing she thought, after which it went black.

Yuàn Bó heard the Lieutenant’s orders. He also knew he was likely to die, but dammit someone needed to escape from this atrocity. If nothing else, Yu Jing will know of the perfidious and duplicitous nature of this upscaled piece of garbage called Aleph. Yuàn Bó moved so he could see Achilles. “Well, he leads them and he killed more of my comrades. He both deserves it, and it should be a suitable distraction.” He thought and fired.


“The missile connected, so that was good.” Yuàn Bó thought. “It also hurt Achilles, so that was also good. What was less ideal was the fact that this absolute censored somehow took a missile to the face and still lived. What the actual hell does Aleph make these bastards from anyway?“ He considered as he fired two more missiles towards the censored that offed Niàn Zhēn.

Yuàn Bó’s contemplations and ruminations got no further, as his torso suddenly had two large holes in it and Yuàn Bó dropped dead to the ground. His last two missiles had not hit, but at least he did distract them.

Yang Ren triple-checked that the neural implant was in fact operational and transmitting before moving carefully along the edge of the building… “The implant better work, because this is too damn risky!” She thought. The procedure she would have to perform was not really meant to be done at ranged and thus carried with it both increased risk as well as less optimal results.
If she failed, the only recourse would be for the implant to do its thing so Lieutenant Zhu Li could be brought back in a different body. Not that she knew how that worked, but better safe than sorry. She took aim and noticed that she was shaking, but could do little about it. So, she fired and was relieved that she actually hit home with the damn thing and immediately turned to watch the lieutenant’s vitals.
She watched in abject horror as the lieutenant’s vital signs dropped and eventually ceased. Now, she and the two other remaining members of the escort could only do as instructed and use the distraction Yuàn Bó created and retreat. Aleph would pay for this. One censored day Aleph would mothercensored pay for this!

Though Yu Jing officially declared that Liaison Officer Shū lán and part of her escort had died in a tragic accident in the Gallery Maze chimneys, diplomatic backchannels were utilized to protest quite thoroughly the blatant disregard of diplomatic procedures, the murder of their diplomat and part of her escort and further.
Still, something at least came out of it. Yu Jing levied the “accident” to try and get more access to the chimneys “to create a safer and securer environment in the area”.

(Sponsored by Palpatine Lobbying Inc. “We’ll make it legal”)

Map: The map wasn't planned ahead for this mission. I used this map in the previous battle with Holyhippie, which occured on the same day. This resulted in some weirdly located Antennas, represented as crates. Note that from this side (where Aleph deployed) the crate on top of the left building is an antenna. In addition the right most antenna is located inside the building.
Initiative and Deployment: Yu Jing won deployment. The Yu Jing commander choose to deploy on this side of the map and the Aleph commander took first turn.
Thrasymedes and his Thorakitai Enomotachos deployed to the right flank, ready to cover both the middle and right side, careful to keep from entering the hostile terrain zone just ahead.
Machaon and his Myridon Enomotarchos deployed to the center left side of the board, with the spitfire Myrmidon and Machaon being the most forward. Atalanta is deployed back behind them between the two shotgun Myrmidons, ready to slide to either side of the barrier and fire.
The unit Aleph held back for deployment was Achilles, who was deployed inside the house to the left flank. Achilles is named as the Aleph Datatracker.
The Yu Jing commander starts by deploying a Zhencha (Sil 2 Template) with SMG near the center antenna. The Yu Jing commander then deploys a Zhencha (Camo Marker 2) with shotgun to the left middle Antenna, and finally a Daoying lieutenant L2 (Camo Marker 3) behind the near left crate and behind some stairs.
A Fireteam: Core (only 3 members) is deployed consisting of a Haidao (named the Yu Jing Datatracker) leading it on the central building, so as to cover most of the board with its sniper rifle and prevent the Myrmidons from trying to take the center and the Zhanshi Paramedics deployed so one is on the roof ready to treat the Haidao and one on the ground floor in cover to avoid getting shot.
The previously mentioned Zhanshi Paramedic in cover trying not to get shot.
A Hac Tao with Missile Launcher is hidden deployed to the left most building on the board. The actual location was even more left from this spot, and it was only after deployment that the Yu Jing commander realized it could see next to nothing from that spot.
Yu Jing then deployed a Zhencha (Camo Marker 1) with shotgun to the crates to the bottom right of this picture. (Picture not taken of location, though the edge of the crate-stack can be seen.) Both factions deployed designated target HVTs as seen in the picture. Yu Jing at the time couldn't see any opposing forces deployed on this side and deploys the HVT for that reason. Lastly, the held back unit on Yu Jing's side is the last Zhencha (Camo Marker 2) with SMG near the right flank Antenna.
Aleph Turn 1: The Aleph commander notices a clear shot to the center Zhencha, seeing as it cannot start in contact with the objective and is thus not in cover. Atalanta then puts two shots into it and slides back to her original position, killing the Zhencha in the process.
The Aleph commander sets up Thrasymedes next. He and his team took turns trying to discover the Zhencha on this flank, only to fail all but the last rolls. Thrasymedes then popped in and out to launched a couple rockets, only hitting once, causing the camo to be burned off, but failing to otherwise harm the Zhencha.
The Aleph commander uses his last orders to rush Achilles up to the Zhencha behind the stack of boxes, skewering the poor girl in melee after revealing her.
Yu Jing Turn 1: Starting their turn, Yu Jing immediately tried to seize objectives, using the burned Zhencha to grab the middle left Antenna, then the Daoying promptly failing 2 lieutenant orders and 2 regular orders trying to hack the Antenna next to it.
Yu Jing Turn 1: Having used most of their orders, the Yu Jing commander orders the Zhencha SMG to seize the right flank antenna, then more up to fire at Achilles, ultimately missing and leading to Achilles dodging closer.
Aleph Turn 2: Starting the Aleph turn, Achilles takes his impetuous order and rushes the Zhencha, killing him in melee. (Not pictured) Then following up, he moves on to destroy the Antenna and Designated Target at the same time. Continuing his rampage, he then moves up the stairs next to him and proceeds to unload spitfire fire into the burned Zhencha, who survives the fire and retreats to full cover from him, leaving them exposed to Thrasymedes. Lastly Achilles fires on and downs, the Daoying lieutenant and then retreats to the inside of the nearby shipping container, so as to avoid retaliation.
Aleph Turn 2: Having chosen between a rock and a hard place, the Zhencha is now exposed to Thrasymedes. Thrasymedes unloads a barrage of light rockets into the burned Zhencha, ultimately killing him. The Zhencha gone, the Thorakitai seize the antenna in the building in front of them. This ends Aleph's second turn.
Yu Jing Turn 2: In loss of Liuetenant, and missing more than half his team, the Yu Jing commander converts the Zhanshi orders and the Haidao order to regular orders and desperately tries to resuscitate the Daoying Lieutenant by moving one of the Zhanshi medics over. Ultimately, the effort kills the Daoying instead of reviving her.
Yu Jing Turn 2: The Hac Tao, trying to avenge the members of his team killed by Achilles, lets loose a suprise shot on him, ultimately wounding him, and forcing him to retreat further into the shipping container for safety. The remainder of the orders were then spent on the Hac Tao to try and kill Thrasymedes, ultimately failing to accomplish the task.
Aleph Turn 3: Aleph uses the Thorakitai to seize a second antenna (not pictured). With the Hac Tao now in view, Atalanta moves onto the roof of the left house to kill the Hac Tao and succeeds. With the distraction caused by the Hac Tao, the remaining Yu Jing units take this opportunity to retreat before further losses are incurred.

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Captain Jag Kara


  • JJ.konko says:

    Well done and bad luck.

  • Thorongil says:

    Well done, too bad about the diplomatic loss.

    I guess you were on Aleph’s grid?

  • Panacea says:

    Well written commander, you’re an inspiration! Best luck next time!

  • ObviousGray says:

    Liked it, and so much efforts on the fluff/crunch is remarkable. Maybe I’ll add some more crunch at my reports after. Hmm.

  • Cdr. Philip von Kruse says:

    You murdered a diplomat and a good portion of her escort on a legitimate diplomatic mission (to Alderaan)! How do you answer for Aleph’s war crimes?!

    Also, yes. The frustration at the failure of my Daoying to hack that antenna was real.

  • Captain Jag Kara says:

    Al the frustration I had over that Zhencha on the left at the least came back as frustration with your Lt capping that antenna.