Asteroid Blues


Time is up.

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VS Nomads
Del S
My courtesy list for this game.

So for the last game, I decided to be a complete prick, even if it would lose me a point from having no Datatracker.

Going first, I used the missile launcher Tankhunter, who looks a bit like a minuteman to explode a securitate and a stempler zond, killing the securitate and busting up the zond.

Foosh Kaboom!

Next order of business was to send Uxia forward to assasinate Del's Reverend Healer, knocking her out with double assault pistols.


I guess that should be five pews... Oh well.
Rather than have Uxia split her fire between a krisa and a securitate (okay I tried it once to begin with and decided not to waste orders doing it again when everyone passed the arm saves... ), a Chasseur was used to surprise attack the securitate. Which did not go to plan, and the Chasseur was thoroughly killed by a Feuerbach ARO...

Feuerbach is Afrikaans for "up yours"...

I decided I'd wasted enough orders on the one securitate. Then I used three more to have an SAS shiv Her to death.

Snitches get stitches and Securitate get... Something stabby that rhymes with securitate...

The Scots Guard marksman rifle was in a good spot to get rid of the Reaktion Zond, and he destroyed it.

The guard moved to see the intruder, who delayed ARO, so a second short move robbed him of the ARO. The guard then discover+shot, which the intruder shot back at, Knocking the Guard out...


Del had his kriza borak attack Uxia and the SAS, killing Uxia, while the SAS survived long enough to be blinded by Lupe's smoke and gunned down by the intruder's HMG via msv...

Sad :(
In the back through the smoke...

Making the best of the now empty slots in group 1, I bundled everything left into it with command tokens, then the missile launcher minuteman as tankhunter engaged the intruder, getting shot down for his trouble...


The second SAS used his rifle to knock the Intruder down in revenge.

As I called this, I realised that it should have been the first order this turn...

The SAS recamoflaged, then moved up on Lupe, failing to stab her, taking her nanopulser in the face...

I love it when a plan comes together. This one didn't.

The Last couple of orders were given to the scout, who jammed double crits down the kriza's throat.

Eat that, greasy Borat!

Lupe tried to kill the scout twice for no result and the LT custodees went suppressive.

The Foxtrot grenadier spec fired a hail Mary at the LT, missing, his forward observer colleague tagged Lupe for the grenadier, who lobbed a second more accurate bomb into her face.

Bloop, weeeeeeeee BANG!

The scout moved onto the suppressive fire of the LT, knocking her out with his 3rd crit of the game.

Del's single order for his last turn saw him exchange utterly in effective fire with the two Foxtrots, ending the game without further bloodshed...

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