Asteroid Blues


Incursion Stop

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Combined Army
Carlos Combined Army
VS PanOceania

Turn 1
Onyx Combined Army troops deployed, orders are to advance taking enemy beacon, a fireteam of unidrons with missile launchers started to fire from a defensive position but die to an enemy rocked disabling the fireteam, then a suryat with multi rifle advanced killing a human enemy for the end of turn one.

Turn 2
On humans turn they advanced and killed a lot of alien troops, a hidden maakrep tracker with HMG advanced killing one enemy troop, 2 fraacta drop units landed but when they entered with fire on the enemy were killed for some superior enemy shots, the suryat at the center table was killed by an enemy troop making end of turn 2

Turn 3
With severe Alien loses we entered on retreat for invading another day, end of transmision.

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