Asteroid Blues


An encounter in the dark

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VS Nomads

Alguacil moves forward, shoots locust.
Uberfalkommandos move forwards take shelter on roof of centre building. One shot by Nisse.
Alguacil moves back and climbs down.

Palbot revives locust.
Locust moves forward to panoply, claims +3 arm.
Father knight moves forward on right flank. Weathers 5 AROs taking 1 wound. Dives across gap, avoiding further damage.
Locust moves to edge of centre building. Exchange of fire with Grenzer sniper. Both miss and retire behind cover.

Turn 2
Chimera takes multiple orders to throw an eclipse grenade. Finally succeeds.
Bran de Castro moves to panoply and claims a flashpulse under cover of the smoke.
Returns to camo.
Chimera throws smoke beside Locust.
Pupkins jump down and after a brief struggle the Locust is put down again.
Pupkins return to roof and go prone.

Nisse moves and attempts to discover the Intruder. Fails.
The Father Knight attempts to discover Bran. Fails.
Palbot moves up again to revive Locust. Bran AROs but misses.
A firefight breaks out between the Father knight and Bran de Castro. Bran goes down under the boarding shotgun of the Father Knight.
The Palbot revives the Locust.
The Bagh Mari and Locust move in a coordinated order.
The Bagh Mari fires HMG at Grenzer. Grenzer is killed.

Turn 3
The Intruder moves and exchanges fire with the Bagh Mari. Gets himself killed.
The Chimera drops a grenade beside the Palbot. Uberfalkommandos drop on the unfortunate Palbot.
Chimera completes classified objective.
Chimera then attempts to nanopulsar the Locust through the smoke, but narrowly avoids getting shot herself.
Chimera throws smoke again over the panoply, moves up and activates.

The Bagh Mari shoots the Chimera.
Freed of the Uberfalkommandos the Locust moves around the corner into a firefight with the Mobile Brigada and Alguacil.
The Mobile Brigada weathers several bursts from the Locust but is eventually dropped. Moving forward in a coordinated order, the Locust is able to eliminate the Alguacil with the assistance of the Father Knight.
Father knight moves to AC2 and bashes the shit out of it but it makes its save rolls like a champ and Father knight fails to even dent it.

End of game.