Asteroid Blues


Operation Arachne Node: Getting back to business.


Aftel loosing to Nomad at the Gorge we managed to pull ourselves together and came back to face Steel Phalanx attacking force.


I won initiative roll and chose the deployment, my opponent decided to go first.

Diomede is on orbit.
Thorakites fireteam ready for action!
Kamaus observing the battlefield.

During his first turn my opponent moved up with Achilles to destroy my designated target (succesfully, achieving 2 obj. points cause Achilles was a datatracker), wounded Hellot and Kamau with HMG from the core link, got jammed from Zulu with jammer and went to hide from the vengeance which was coming his way.
Also Myrmidon fireteam moved up a little bit ready to support their fearless Leader.

Myrmidons advancing!
Moments before the first blood.
Jammer - weapon of victory!

During my first turn all my forces were tasked with destroying human-sized TAG inside of my deployment zone.
But first we had to heal wounded Kamau with HMG (which was done with the first WIP check!).
Patsy went to face to face with champion of Aleph, but after inflicting only one wound and understanding that Achilles can easily engage her in CC decided to back-off.
That's when Zulu KHD with breaker combi-rifle came into play - finally dropping Achilles unconscious.

Kamau sniper (in the freshly reformed 5 man linked) obliterated Thrasymedes.
After that all remaining orders from the first group were spent to advance with Zulu (Spitfire one) to secure the central objective.

Zulu saying hi to the Achilles.
Getting rid of Thorakites officer.
Zulu with spitfire being very proud of himslef for securing central objective.

During his second turn my opponent moved up his Myrmidon fireteam to get rid of that Zulu KHD (REVENGE FOR OUR HERO AHCILLES), but he (SURPRISINGLY!) managed to dodge all of Chain-rifles/Nanopulsers and got to the safety. Trying to destroy Zulu KHD one of Myrmidons forgot about Kamau sniper and got shot dead by her.
Not having much options my opponent dropped Diomedes who tried to take down Kamau sniper, didn't succed and went into total cover.

We are coming for you!
Or maybe not (power of dodging with PH 11!)
Common tactic for greek soldiers - coming from behind.

Having a greek trooper inside my deployment zone (again) wasn't that great of a feel, so Patsy got to meet him face to face and destroyed Diomedes with her trusty SMG. After that she and her haris pushed through the tunnel building to aid Zulu KHD in getting rid of those Myrmidons.
First fell Myrmidon officer because of bad positioning - he was an easy target for Kamau sniper.
Then died Phoenix who was dodging from attacks of Patsy and got himself into the line of fire of Kamau sniper.
And at last fireteam was destroyed when Zulu with spitfire moved up to get a line of sight on the last Myrmidon.

After loosing almost all of his troops my opponent called GG.

Face of Death himself (especially if you don't have shock immunity).
Cleaning out remainings of Myrmidons fireteam.
Game over, man. Game over.

Cheers to my opponent and welcome to the club, buddy.

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