Asteroid Blues


Operation Arachne Node: First contact

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VS Nomads

Reckon operation going not as planned thanks to excellent marksmanship of TR bot and mistakes in tactical use of units.

“Sometimes i still hear it.. Critical hit! Critical hit! Critical hit!.. Then i wake up at night sweating and breathing heavily.. Sometime the torment will end.. but not today..”


I won the initiative roll and chose to deploy second. My opponent decided to go second (obviously).

Echo-Bravo somewhere in the orbit. Libertos (minelayer) hiding behind the building with Zero in a center of the table.

Going first the primary targer was destroying two TR bots.
First activating Patsy haris concluded into Kamau HMG getting a crit from TR bot and failing the ARM roll from Puppet with Marksman rifle.
Understanding that there is nothing else to do, Patsy and remaining Kamau went to the orange building where Kamau went into prone to secure the nearest objective and Patsy advancend to destroy the designated target (succusfully, Patsy was a Datatracker).
On the last order Patsy got inside the center building and went prone.

Kamau sniper in group one was better at rolling dice against TR bot and destroyed it (interventor was spamming white noise all around Kamau because he could). Also the mine from libertos which was placed during deployment near the center building got destroyed by Kamau sniper.
Zulu with spitfire thought that it's a good idea to go all in onto the second TR bot. In the end he got critted at 2 and left bleeding on the ground.

That concluded my turn 1.

Patsy's haris moving out just to get rekt.
Kamau sniper destroying everything he can.
Zulu with spitfire bleeding on the ground after getting crit from TR bot.

At the frist turn my Opponent managed to:
-kill designated target with his Krakot (Datatracker);
-kill Patsy with the puppets who secured the central objective;
-Libertos got rid of the remaining Kamau from Patsy haris (who was controlling my "home" objective);
-kill my Zulu KHD (because i thought that it's a great idea to get out of camo on ARO and try to kill his interventor);
-accomplish Data scan on my unconscious Zulu with spitfire.

Center objective.
Krakot killing the designated target.

During my second turn i managed to:
-Kill Krakot with Kamau sniper (opponent srewed up with hiding morat renegade), but got blinded with white noise;
-Wound puppets with Kamau HMG (armour saves for the win!);
-Release Echo-Bravo to kill Libertos who was controlling my 'home' objective;
-EB then killed the puppet inside the central house who eralier destroyed Patsy;
-Lose my EB to puppet with marksman rifle who got critical hit from one dice against four dices from my Red Fury.
After that the loss was inevitable so i managed to complete one of my classified objectives (Experimental drug) and call a good game.
That was tought thanks to my mistakes and couple of critical hits, well that happens, we'll get them next time!

Cheers to Ktulhuist for a good game!

Kamau getting blinded by white noise.
Kamau HMG trying to destroy puppets near the central objective.
Echo-Bravo killing Libertos.
Moments before the disaster.

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