Asteroid Blues


Tricky Play

VS Combined Army

While the mainforces of each factions were entangled in more or less intense fights, a smaller infiltration-attempt around the advance of the Haqqislam forces was detected. Uncased from the business around the Rewater Corp, Group 14NB was sent to end the Shasvasti-work.
OOC: The mission was countermeasures.

Arriving at an infiltrated fuel-storage

Sensordata suggested the presence of more Infiltrators then the troopers could sight. Only a team of Seed Soldiers and a drone with missile launcher was visible on the right side and a few more shadows scattered in the backfield.
On the same side the Ghulam team took position, supported by an engineer and more support remotes in the center. A Ghulam Doc and a Hawwa took the left side to guard the Djanbazan HMG.

A first approach was made from the infiltrators with a shadow crossing the field and downloading data of a Kameel. On his way back, the Shrouded hacker reactivated his camouflage.
With a first pirate scattering into the own backfield and an other pirate taking safe positions on the right side, only one pirate was able to set up smoke in the center of the table. This enabled the Djanbazan to cross the board, disable the missile launcher drone and kidnap one of the Shasvasti HVTs. Unfortunately, the way back was too long to take and he ended up very exposed.

Resistance could be lowered for the moment
Very exposed the Djanbazan stopped

To free their paths, the Djanbazan had to be slayn. After a Caliban let his Slave drone repair the wrecked missile launcher, he wasted a lot of time to wound the Djanbazan, but failed and need to set back.
Again, with the help of the Yuan Yuan in the center, the Djanbazan could advance a bit to successfully scan additional data of the area. On the left side a Hawwa approached the Shrouded after the Djanbazan discovered him again. First his boarding shotgun knocked him out, then the Hawwas knife ended his life.

Not much better to defend
The Hawwa hid as good as possible after finishing the Shrouded

Now it was again on the Caliban. With a clear path towards the Hawwa, he striked from the shadows but needed several attempts to overcome the Hawwas defense. Finally he literally consumed the Hawwas data.
With nothing more happened, the central Yuan Yuan could set up smoke and build a safe way for the EVO-drone. The REM then advanced towards another HVT and retrieved all necessary data of the infiltrated position.

OOC: QK ended up with four classifieds done, two with the datatracker. Shasvasti could score two classifieds.

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