Asteroid Blues


looking for trouble!

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VS Ariadna

After the confrontation with Haqqislam where we were defeated we fell short of ammunition so we tried to get some but the negotiations failed so we decided to go in search of problems or looking for trouble and take some by force thath is how we paid a visit in the armory to our distinguished friends of Ariadna jaja.

we arrived sneaking up, a sniper grezner took out one of them with a rocket launcher they shoot back and took out our sniper we started our advance and very easy we opened the door with the help of our interventor hacker and one of our Securitate enter the armory to give back up and the daktari doctor ran to the Grezner after that the Ariadna army responded in a very aggressive way taking out our lieutenant and our doctor some werewolf’s jumped from the back of a building and charged the hollow men who was giving cover from the right side and some bikes also appeared one of our Securitate bring down one of the bikes and our specter and the heckler walked in to the armory in their camouflage.
Ariadna kept their advance but everyone who tired to get in to the armory fall down by our weapons that gave us time to use both panoply to get our booty until a heavy robot called blackjack appeared and shoot out our specter and the Securitate inside the armory mean while the hollow men took out one of the werewolves and the other bring back the punch putting to sleep our robot and the other of our intervenor with his heavy pistol and ran to try to enter the armory but two of our Securitate took him out nicely

At the end the Ariadna army recaptured his armory and we ran out with our loot calling it a draw!

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