Asteroid Blues


O-12 Interference

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VS O-12

The premise is not to allow agents of Bureau Aegis or others to snoop around Liberty Cargo facilities in Novyy Bangkok, and this is exactly what was going to happen… A contingent of O-12 was introduced in our territories with the objective of reaching classified information. There is some info that we manage that could compromise the human sphere, and we are not referring to drugs or weapons, corruption or ungodliness this time but to classified data of the Evolved Intelligence. It doesn’t matter if you are from the O-12 or any other nation of the Human Sphere, this classifieds must be in the hands of PanOceania. However O-12 doesn’t think in the same way, and a strong team led by Gamma, Epsilon and Hyppolita tried to lash out at a Novy Bangkock base …. We intercepted the convoy with a team from VIRD. It all started well for us, entering from a flank of O-12, an Echo Bravo find a rare arc to applying high doses of fire, ending with 2 kappas, a Lambda doctor and an Epsilon sniper, while a Zulu Cobra damage seriously a total reaction remote and one madtrap. Hyppolita claims revenge by eliminating easily the Echo Bravo in close combat, while a team of ZC continued to cause damage killing a gangbuster and several kappas using high tech in form of triangulated fire and visor X. Everything seemed like a safe night for Panoceania, however, one unexpected shoot from the Gamma to the linked Orc was a premonition of the storm that’s coming to VIRD. A Kamau sniper fells under the fire of the Gamma HMG without being able to hunt Hyppolita the previous turn, and the last charge of O-12 (with only 5 orders) leading by a Delta paratrooper was bloody almost produces the entire failure of the operation entrusted to VIRD. The delta deploy in top of a roof very close to the building where part of the VIRD link was located, he started firing a boarding shotgun template over a noble helot who tried to counter it with his SMG without success, after that the delta enters to the building and again severely punish the Orc (which had only one wound left) and the paramedic datatracker that accompanied him leaving both unconscious… this was a disaster, we did not expect the entry of the paratrooper by this side, and the hack to his transport aircraft had failed. So the Delta continues and blow up a fugazzi, Varuna’s rapid intervention team saw the misfortune close, one more death and will be the end, but a brave fusilier hacker managed to hold the information by killing the dismal Delta in the last order, and keeping the information safe… we can breathe easy at the end of the night this time…

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