Asteroid Blues


Mission 19: Triumvirate Power


3th battle at the Tournament in Oberhausen

Mission: Safeguard the following Intel Package

The AEC has information on the murder of an Spiral Corps Employee. So the Triumvirate send a force to steal this Intel Package from the Ariadnans. But they had some intel of their own, Ariadnan HQ would be interested in. It is time to capture it, and protect our own.

The Ariadnans went in blind and were strategically outmaneuvered from the get go. A strong brawler snipernest on the right flank overlooked the whole centre to the Intel Package. With a Chaksa team close by to flame anyone incoming. A kiel saan was kept in hiding to go rush out after the initial Ariadnan strike. Uxia was brought in close, but blocked off by a mine from a Draal.

So Ariadna had some choices. Try to sneak over the flanks, or crush to the centre with the Ratnik "Dikke Gertje". The AEC chose to go over the flanks, but would have been better off pushing the centre. They will make the mistake with Boardrons Tohaa....again.

A highlander is send through the centre to deal with the mine and even but the Draal in unease. He gets a chainrifle hit through, while the sniperteam blasts him to pieces.....but Uxia is at least freed from the mine.

the Highlander Charge was a noble sacrifice.

the Draal is finished off, but not before laying a mine first, and locking Uxia again into place.

the Ariadnans had tried and close the distance, pushing in "Dikke Gertje" on the left flank and the Chasseur and Hardcase on the right flank. So the Triumvirate send in a beast on the right flank to deal with the skirmishers. he has to find them one by one, because the chasseur stays in hiding. The hardcase gets taken out in combat, but the Chasseur manages to burn the beast and the handlers armor, before going down himself.

Meanwhile the Kiel Saan comes in to make short work of Uxia, but runs into trouble on the left flank. Going through "Dikke Gertje" is not something he would like to do.

Antipodes jump the Kiel Saan and a ferocious combat insues. With more luck then wisdom, The Kiel Saan is able to fend off the Antipodes.

the Ariadnans try to get past the sniper nest to the Datapack, but the Irmandinho and other skirmishers fail. They turn to defending the position and mine the left flank, only to see the Kiel Saan go straight through the centre.

The Kiel Saan walks in to the centre of a lot of Hidden troops and gets the package. Only to be shot from all sides and ends up dropped by the defenders.

Meanwhile the Cateran, runs the gauntlet and up the field and picks up their Intel Package!

But soon the Cateran is chased by the Chaksa's and end up flaming him to death. Meanwhile a hidden Trooper comes from the shadows and picks up the Intel Package! They leave succesfully.

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