Asteroid Blues


In the deep end

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VS Nomads

Yesterday Tristan and i met up to play 300 points LI Unmasking. Tristan won the Lt. roll and decided to go first. So he had to deploy first.

Somewhere there is also Emily

1. Round Starco

Data Trackers: Emily and for Varuna: Patsy. His Camo Marker started the game moving towards his right side Antenna, being an Al`Hawwa Hacker he easily hacked the Antenna. With his first try he choose the right HVT.
Emiliy went to work: She moved toward the HVT and shot a speculative Grenade. needing 2 trys to Kill the designated Target.
Emily then moved forward and trying to hit my Orc with an E/M Grenade but she missed. She then went into supp. Fire, trying to block my Link from moving.

1. Round Varuna

"I am here to eat some Snakes and fry some Brains, and i am all outa Snakes"

My first Order went into my Killer Hacker. She moved towards the Al'Hawwa and attacked him with Redrum, killing him. Then she went back into Camouflage.

The HRL Rocket Launcher broke the Link, so he could Attack the Brawler Sniper, hitting him 2 Times. Tristan was able to make both ARM Saves. With his next try the Kamau took one Wound and went Down.
The Paramedic got up moved a bit forward and shot his Medipack into the butt of the HRL Kamau, who got up again. (Wonders are real.)

Now I reformed the link and the Orc did split his burst between the Sniper and the Brigada HMG. Hitting the Sniper, but he made his 2 Arm Saves. The Orc took a Wound from the HMG.

2. Round StarCo

Emily shot his E/M Grenades 3 times at the Orc without any success. Missing 2 times and the Orc dodged the third try.

Emily the moved forward trying to pick a fight with the HMG Kamau. 2 Orders later she and the Paramedic Kamau were death. The HMG was able to crit her, but the Grenade Blast killed the Paramedic.
His big Link started to Move and the HMG Brigada attacked the Orc, which shot Back. The Orc lost the shootout but made his Saves. The Link kept on moving towards the Objective Room, while the HMG kept on firing. The Orc lost again but made his Saves again. This time failing his guts roll, he went Prone. The Link kept on moving towards the Obj. Room. With his last Order his Haris link moved a bit around to see some Lanes.

2. Round Varuna

The HRL Kamau started the Turn by attacking and burning the Brawler Sniper to death.
The Kamau HMG engaged the Brigada HMG, killing the Brigada. The Zulu Cobra KHD moved to the Antenna, succesfully hacking it. With my first guess i got the right HVT, revealing the designated Target. On my right Flank a T/O Marker showed up and moved along the flank.
A Croc man assault Hacker revealed himself and shot at Massacre. Massacre was able to throw some Smoke and survived the attack.

3. Round StarCO

Raoul went on his merry Way to earn his paycheck. Moving up the building, throwing a Drop Bear down the Bridge, engaging the Kamau HRL. Spector won the shootout but the Armor of the Kamau held against his gun and the Drop Bear. The Kamau failed his guts roll to get in better Cover. Raoul then moved on towards the Orc. He tried to throw a Drop Bear but failed.
The Mercenary was then killed by the Orc with his Pistol.

3. Round Varuna

My big Link went into Action. Moving forward, the Orc and the Kamau HMG moved over the Roofs, while Patsy and the HRL Kamau moved on groung level. The Kamau moved towards my left Antenna where he attacked and killed the Dakatri.
Patsy then moved forward to see the designated Target. One Burst with her Submachine Gun was enough to put it down.
Now the Echo Bravo entered the Battle. He moved to the Antenna secured by the Kamau and Orc. Hacking it with my last Order of the Game.


Through some confusion we played another Round, but the Result stayed the same.

In the End we both killed the Designated Target with our Data Tracker, but i held 2 Consoles at the End and my Data Tracker was still alive.
So in the End it was 8:5 for Varuna

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