Asteroid Blues


The Asteroid Blues Blues

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VS Nomads

Yesterday afternoon i met with Tristan228 so i could have my first Battle for this Campaign.
So it was Starco agianst Varuna. I won the Lt. Roll and decided to go first, my plan was to hack 2 Consoles and then i would secure the objective Room. Easy going in Theory.

1. Round Varuna

My first Order went into my Hacker, gving the Bulleteer Marksmanship Lvl. 2.
The Bulleteer then went off on his Merry ways, to close the distance to the Brawler Sniper. On his way i acidently crossed the LoS of the Alguacile HMG, in the ensuing Shootout my Drone ate a crit and went offline.

Now my Link went inot action: needing 2 Orders they crawled along the Bridge to stay out of the LoS off the Sniper. After wasting the 2 Orders i remembered that the objective room was indefenitely high, Cool. As you can see i was on top of my game.
The Kamau HMG stood up and smoked the Alguacile HMG.

The Guy with the HMG:Angriest guy on Patrol, Happiest guy in a Firefight

With my last Orders my Füssi Hacker and the Zulu Cobra Killer Hacker snatched the Antennas and then the Cobra went back into Cameo

1. Round Starco

The Brawler Sniper, not being happy being cockblocked by the objective room, moved down from his Sniper Spot. On his way down the Fugazi saw him and tried to Blind him, but the Sniper won the Duel and put the Drone down.
The Sniper moved now into the LoS of the Kamau HMG, winning the Shootout putting one Wound on the Kamau.

Now Emily went into Action. Moving along the building she tried to kill the Füssi Hacker, won the Shootout but i was able to make the ARM save. Failing his guts Roll the Hacker went into better Cover. Emily snatched the Antenna on his Table half.
Emily now went up the Ladder where she was seen by one of the Füssiliers. She answered his ARO shot with two grenades. Killing the Kamau HMG and the Füsi. The Kamau Sniper was able to make his ARM Save. With her last Order Emily moved into Cover.

The Clockmaker moved up and secured the second Antenna on his side of the Table.

2. Round Varuna

The Zulu Cobra KHD stood up and moved forward to the Container. Now seeing the Clockmaker sheengaged her in a Firefight. She was able to Land a hit, but the Clockmaker made his Save and went Prone.

My Lt. stood up from his Cover and started a Firefight with Emily. Needing two Orders and a Crit he was able to put her in Dogged. With my last Order the Cobra KHD went into Cameo

2. Round StarCo

The Brawler Sniper moved a bit so he could see the Zulu Cobra KHD, and was able to discover the Hacker. With his next Order he was able to put the Zulu Cobra unconscious.
Now Mr. Spector entered the game. He moved up to the KHD entering Close Combat killing her with a few tries.

3. Round Varuna

Now i had to go for the Hail Mary. With an Coordinated Order i moved the Kamau Sniper, my Füsiliers FO and the Füsi Hacker forward. One of the Alguaciles could See the Kamau and the FO, he used his ARO trying to Kill the FO. But he lost the Shootout and died.
With a second coordinated Order i let the Guys jump. Unfortunately the jump off the Bridge was higher then 4 inches. But the Kamau and the Füsi were able to make there Arm saves.

I the formed a Link made of the Kamau and both of the Füsis.
The Link moved forward to the Objective Room. The Kamau was able to see the Alguacile Paramedic and putting him down.

There was only one way i could win: with Dumb Luck. And you now what i am famous for? Not for my Luck. The Hacker and the FO went into the Objetive Room while the Kamau moved to the Corner of the Room so he could engage Spector with his Pistol. I won the Shootout but Spector made his Save.

3. Round StarCO

The Rest was easy work for Spector: He knocked the Kamau with the Boarding Shotgun out, went into Melee and crit killed him. Securing Predator.

Then he went back to the door, put a a Drop Bear down. After that he went into the LoS of the Hacker and killed both Hacker and the FO.

Then he went into the Objective Room and hacked the Antenna.

The game ended 8:0 for the StarCO

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