Asteroid Blues


Never underestimate a lonely Druze

VS Haqqislam

Warcor [WC] Online
Jeanne D’Arc [JD] Online
Gabriel De Ferson [GDF] Online
Hospitaler Doctor [Doc] Online
Hospitaler HMG [HMG] Online
Magister ML [ML] Online
Magister Panzerfaust 1-3 [Pnz] Online
Order Seargent Paramedic [Pdc] Online

[ATP] QK forces approaching, begin engagement
[ML] Moving up right flank. Djanbazan Sniper spottet, firing missiles…
[ATP] Djanbazan terminated
[ML] Moving further up the right flank. Odalisque spottet, firing missiles… I´m hit!
[ATP] ML wounded. Still ready for action.
[ML] Engaging again! I got her!
[ATP] Odalisque wounded but still ready for action.
[HMG] I got this ML. Let me get at her. Engaging from left flank.
[Doc] She´s firing at me!
[ATP] Doc´s armour is holding. Odalisque terminated.
[HMG] Going for the second one.
[ATP] Second Odalisque terminated.
[Pnz] I´ll run up this building to get an angle on that Druze…
[ATP] Druze disabled
[Pnz] Got the Druze with my Panzerfausts!
[JD] Coordinating Haris, approach the wall guys and gal!
[HMG] Going into Position behind that wall… opening fire at Jannisaire.
[ATP] Enermy still functional
[ATP] Jannisaires on the move. Druze revived.
[ATP] Jannisaire Missile Launcher approaching. Pnz, you should go for full cover.
[Pnz] Ha! I won´t. Come and get me!
[ATP] Jannisaire terminated
[Pnz] Don´t mess with the church!
[ATP] Jannisaire falling back
[Pdc] What are you morons doing!? They are all charging toward the wall!
[ATP] Enermy TAG on left flank. It´s Scarface… beware of his Panzerfausts
[ATP] Pnz terminated
[ATP] Pnz terminated
[Pdc] *sigh* Crazy Magister Knights…
[HMG] Not that crazy… now he´s out of Panzerfausts. I´ll get him!
[ATP] Beware of incoming fire from Jannissaire
[ATP] HMG is hit… unconscious
[Doc] I´ll try to fix him… where is the bone saw again… lets see…
[ATP] HMG back online
[HMG] ATP I´m not online for christs sake! I´m a human! Stupid AI. And I´m angry…
[ATP] Scarface disabled… Jannissaire unconsious
[Pnz] Hey look! There is someone at the window of that house over there!
[ATP] Pnz unconscious, Ghulam terminated
[GD] I got him Pnz… Pnz? Ah… taking a nap. Now let´s have some bacon… I mean beacon.
[ATP] Beware of the Druze back there
[HMG] Yeah sure, I´ll let him have some…
[ATP] HMG uncounscious
[Doc] Not again…
[GD] You can patch him up later. I don´t have time for this. I´ll get that sun of a b…
[ATP] GD terminated. Requesting personal for Cube recovery.
[Doc] Well, I´ll get my Combi-Rifle then… where is that Druze Guy again?
[ATP] Druze terminated
[Doc] Well that wasn´t that hard, maybe I should get the HMG next time.
[ATP] Beacon retrieved
[JD] Good work Doc. We´ll be back for mass in time. Deus vult!

The battlefield
The Church deployed
QK deployed
Core Magister on the move
Hospitaler HMG removing some Odalisques
Panzefaust for a Druze
Hosp HMG going at the Jannisaires
Jannisaires on the move
Jannisaire Missile Launcher going at Magister Knights
Magister Link is fine, Jannisaire ML is gone
Breaking the link for some free movement
After disastrous Assault of Magisters its time for Hosps again, also disastrous
Patched up Hosp HMG having having a shoot out with Jannisaires
Jannisaire removed, next stop: Scar Face
Down goes Scarface
Patched up Scarface charging forward, taken down again
Ghulam Lieutenant shoot out. Some Magister Impetous, then Magisters going for the Beacon
HMG got shot by the Druze, Gabriel got shot by the Druze, now the Doctor gives him the final treatment
Cordelia, the only one left

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