Asteroid Blues


Father Knight ML FTW

VS Haqqislam

Turn 1 MO
TO Sniper shoots at Maggie eight times taking her out. Tries the same with Al Fasid but fails.

Turn 1 RTF
Walks Link to door to shoot with Ghulam HMG on Father Knight Lieutenant. TO Sniper reveals and takes out Kawarij and FK takes out Ghulam HMG. Al Fasid takes out the Sniper. Doctor patches up Kawarij and Ghulam HMG. Kawarij super jumps and takes out second sniper. Ghulam HMG inflicts wound on FK Spitfire. Al Fasid removes Knight of Montesa.

Turn 2 MO
FK link charges to door gets hacked multiple times but bts 9 is great. FK Spitfire takes out Ghulam HMG again then tries to get the Kawarij but never quite succeeds. Last ditch effort is to charge in with FK ML. The blast Template takes out all but the Kawarij and a Naffatun.

Turn 2 RTF
Kawarij shoots multiple times at the FK ML but finally get removed himself. Same happens to the Naffatun.

Turn 3 MO
FK Spitfire removes Al Fasid.

Turn 3 RTF
Forgoes final turn.

The battlefield
The Church deployed
Haq deoloyment
TO Order Seargent Sniper taking out Maggie in 10 Orders
Its a trap! Another TO Sniper reveals on Haq Turn to take out the Kawarij.
Patched up Kawarij takes revenge for Maggie
Al Fasid removes the other Sniper
Father Knight ML goes all in on the enermy link
When the smoke clears the enermy link is gone
Last the Al Fasid falls to Father Knights Spitfire

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