Asteroid Blues


When the grenades expired

Blight Lotus
VS Haqqislam

My commander wants me to report, I’ll give her a report. No official language, this was pure hell. Not for us by the way, we did pretty fine.
First time I heard that I thought “Huh, pretty easy. Just go and grab supplies from this tech coffins”. So just before we arrived we heard loud noises of bike, crowd shout and language which I now can recognize because of Novyy Bangkok situation with one of the most common public for now. So we split.

1st step
I dont know what she thought but our lietenant go upstrairs for better view. I don’t argue this was reckless but man viral sniper rifle she bring and her sharp sight made half of our job. Just imagine, tons of Haqqislam infantry that throw grenades and run in open areas, sniper dream. About those grenades, I think they expired because none of 10-15 of them didnt explode.

Rest of our team splitted in 2 Triads. Kiel Saan with Draals (1st Triad) and Kriegel with Reex (2nd Triad). Clipsos and Kiuutan infiltrate somewhere even we didt know where first. Our Brawler medic and Hatail prepared for support and for some hacking trials as we had such opportunity.

1st Triad slowly but confidently proceed to coffin. But 1 of enemy units infiltrate right above. But became dead quikly.

2nd Triad where hiding and shoot enemy infantry.
Just field work you know.

Their biker boy didnt go so far either.

Remember when I said about our lietenenant desperation, she got shot. By a rocket.

One of Reex didnt end up so well too.

2nd step
1st Triad pick up supplies and positioned themselves for defend against rest of the horde

2nd Triad proceed a little bit further just to be sure noone wuold pass through them

Thanks to Brawlers our lietenant unconscious state didnt last long.

Hatail was pretty upset that all potential targets for hacking ended up, pretty dead I think, at other side of sector

They somehow tried to break through our positions but not so well.

And then all we heard were retreat noises.
I hope that mentioned all that happend.

Record 001:ASTEROID BLUES over and out

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