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Babysitting in Novyy Bangkok

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Black Ogre
VS Nomads

This first battle for Asteriod Blues were my first Infinity games; also my first battle report and that in english… I will give my best! 😀

We used the five starter-mission for a 200 points game, given each game 2 VP’s and the other points calculated down to 200 (exact points: 502 Haqq; 472 Nomads).

Uezguersmaster used his Nomads with the starter-troops from Icestorm, while I used the starter-troops from the red veil.

We played with starter-rules and added new troop in order of starter missions.

The stories do not mix well, so we have our own.


Ghulam Amir:”What a boring job. Playing babysitter for a third class investigative journalist…”

Ghulam Liyah:”Stop grumbling, it’s an easy task. Relax yourself and get an autogram from Masuma.”

Ghulam Alev:”We only keep her away from trouble. This area is notorious for its crime.”

Ghulam Liyah:”Who’s this?!” She pointing to her front, directly on a very fast approaching Alguacil in full combat gear. “WEAPON!!!” and they raised their weapons…”

1. Game

(Sequence: Nomads – Haqq)

1. Round

A fast approaching Alguacil (3 orders) moves through the center and deals Amir. He goes to the ground. Out of cover, Liyah and Alev try to return the fire, unfortunaly, in vain. (2 orders with missed attacks)

Ghulam Liyah:”That damn Noms hit Amir! Alev call reinforcements! They try killing Masuma!”

2. Round

That Alguacil in the Center tried to move, but get shot down by Alev. (1 order – ARO)
Two more Alguacil appear and move forward in cover. (2 orders)

“Alev, two more! Move up und get them!”,Liyah shouted.

Alev moves up onto the right building.

3. Round

One Algualcil on the right moves on and give a burst on Alev. He luckly get not wounded. (2 orders)
“Not with me…” Liyah targets him and shoot him down. (2 orders)

4. Round

The last opponent rushs on, in cover. (1 Order)
Alev:”Get ya!” *shot* “Liyah, it’s Alev, last one is down. We should remove and waiting for reinforcements.” (1 order)

Masuma, the journalist:”No, i’m not finished yet. We stay here, you have to obey!”

Alev and Liyah wondering… obey? What’s her problem? Becoming megalomaniac?

With the jounalist in tow, they retreated to the next area.

(Victory Haqq, one Ghulam lost)


Nael ibn Hamid (Khawarijs-Leutnant) waited for his comrades in a dark side street. After gagging Ghulam Amir, they took cover with the journalist behind a rundown house.

He was briefed on the fighting and set up a line of defense. “Trust me, they’ll come back and not alone.”

A short time later, these strangely aggressive and red-dressed nomads appeared. Among them unfortunately also a Mobile Brigada. Amir, Liyah and Alev dropped their jaws.

“Oh Allah help, that’s going to be tough.”, they could only hear from their leutnant before hell broke loose.

2. Game

(Sequence: Nomads – Haqq)

1. Round

Mobile Brigada storms forward and shoots Amir down with an unfortunate (critical) hit. Liyah and Alev narrowly escape this impetuous attack. They only see how this Iblis takes cover. (4 orders)

The small group repositions itself and tries to make better use of the given circumstances. (3 orders)
Nael takes his chance and puts his two salvos in the wall to the left and right of the Brigada and jumps with a curse under cover. (1 order)

2. Round

The Mobile Brigada tries to steal Alev twice, but only deals with an injury himself. “He’s too heavily armored! … Oh shi..” (2 orders)
An Alguacil sneaked forward and gave Alev a shot in the arm. He is out of the game.
“Ale..!” yells Liyah, but is also knocked out with a hit in the shoulder. (2 orders)

“You damned demons!” With a battle cry Nael jumps up and shoots first on the Mobile Brigada and then on the Alguacil on his left flank. Both evade with incredibly smooth movements. (1 order)

3. Round

With his back against the wall and out of breath Nael looks to the side, right in the face of Iblis, the Mobile Brigada. The muzzle flashes are the last thing he sees for a moment …

(Victory Nomads with no losses and one raging Brigada)


„Wake up!“ Fadime (Murabid Tuaregs – Sniper) slap Nael in his face, twice.

„Hold on!“ The leutnant moans and opens his eyes, looking in a female face. „Whats up, thougt I was dead.“

Fadime Saidsuni shakes his head. “Not yet, but you do not look all that good, you might not want to target yourself. Did a bunch of credits, come down, ask a healer to patch you up. You owe me something.“ She smiles.
But then look to the journalist Masume. “Something’s wrong with her, she’s not hurt, not even a scratch. And when I found you, she asked me to go back into the fray with her. Believe she was out here too long, and is something …”
She points with her finger to her forehead.

„Here they are again. Think you will lose again. Calculated chances are minimal.“
Masume said coldly. Her behavior was strange, Nael thought.

“Stand in position, shoot at them as soon as you see them, do not let them step forward, and if you see this Mobile Brigada, shoot everything you have, may Allah look down upon you and be most merciful.”

3. Game

(Sequence: Nomads – Haqq) – last time made this mistake and let him begin…

1. Round

No idea what he gives his Mobile Brigada to eat, but it was a short game:
It advanced, kills truly everone but the Fadime (Murabid Tuareg – Sniper), picking out one by one.
And his Spectre advanced, too.

After 3 secs, Fadime stands alone on the battleground. Looking left to right. „No Leutnant, great job, big one.“
She raised her Snipergun und aimed at the Mobile Brigada, the Iblis, Nael called so.
And aimed a Spectre, too. „Damn Ghosts…“ Two short movements with her finger, both projectiles flew. One in a wall, the second in ther ground.
„Their Gods seem to be with them“.

2. Round

Two hits, no wounds, but the third sends Fadime to the ground. She stays there…

(Victory Nomads with no losses and one raging Brigada, again…)


“Hello my friend, nice to see you again”. A fat, greasy doctor grins down at Nael. He has to be a doctor, hopefully, at least he has a coat on.

“I’ll earn a golden nose for you.” He rubs his bloody hands with a dirty cloth.

“Hey, I met some of you in the bar, can drink like a hole, just think his buddies are just making shit.”

“Thanks, that will bring me back a lot of trouble afterwards …” An older man, in his fifties, stepped into the field of his still confused lieutenant.

“Sal! Thought you’re on vacation.”

“Could not you children have all the fun here alone. And a nice area it is here with some fine bars.”

Sal, the Zhayedan, helps Nael to his feet.

“I met a crazy lady back there, says she’s going to be protected by you, and keeps chattering about ‘exploring combat strength’ or something.”

Even before Nael could think about it, a completely insane Mobile Brigada broke into her sickness and began to disassemble everything.

4. Game

(Sequence: Nomads – Haqq) – he won…

1. Round

Nael saw only a red shadow shoot through the streets and this spirited. In no time Fadime was shot at, a ghoulm, possibly Alev, struck down. Suddenly Fadime is hit and sinks to the ground. Even Ghulam Liyah gets caught unhappily (critically) and does not make it an inch more. Sal is apparently still drunk and is leaning against the wall. There, in the Iblis, he gets two damn well targeted charges and practically tears off one arm and part of his hip.
Shortly thereafter, the red shadow disappears again into cover.

Nael, furious as he is now, gets up and hurries after the Brigada. With uncontrolled firepower, he manages to inflict a wound on his personal archenemy.

2. Round

His short luck ends when a Specter shows up next to him. He can fend off the first surprising blow, but the second one hits …

And with a glance at Masume, who stands shaking his head, his world turns black again.

The last thing he hears are the almost mocking words, “I told you so.”

(Victory Nomads with no losses, little bit frustrating)


“I will become rich, rich, rich … yes, so rich, rich, rich …” the doctor laments while mending them all together.
“You are a blessing for me!”

Sal, the Zhayedan, Fadime, the Murabid Tuareg, Amir, Liyah and Alev, the Ghulam sat in front of their lieutenant Nael, the Khawarijs.

“Something’s wrong, something with the equipment, our constitution, there’s something lazy about it.”, marked Fadime.

“Let’s go with this Masume, it’s all going awry, terrifying way.” Throw in Liyah.

“She’s acting very strange too, not like a human, I think.” Sal said, looking out into the rain.
Out there, Masume stood on a roof, in the middle of the rain, without a single movement.

“Then she will have the answer we need. Let’s just hope that this crazy Brigada does not reappear. Somehow Masume seems to have an attracting effect on the nomads. Especially these reds.”

On the way out, the lieutenant still thought aloud, “Hopefully she’s not one of those Shasvastii, or has been reprogrammed, and then we should make her harmless soon, best then.”

“Shasvastii! Reprogrammed! Make harmless! Arrived just in time!” Nael just looked up and saw the HMG of Al Fasid in the rain.
It showed already on Masume and with a rotating “Ssssssssssseeeeeeeessss” the projectiles flew off and made the graceful figure on the roof a falling puzzle.

Completely appalled, Nael stood in the rain and knew he was now in the eaves. Because on the other side of the building he heard a loud “Kill them all!”

5. Game

1. Round

“All at once, no matter what, we need the cube! Go up and get it!”
Nael looked around.

“Fadime, get down the frontier!”
With a “plop” the Grenzer collapsed on the right enemy flank.

“Junis (Al Fasid) move forward, walk along the left side of the building! I’ll cover you”
Nael took up position on the left side of the central building.

Amir, Liyah and Alev tried to stay in the rear as best they could, crowding the building to the left. They had no desire to meet the Brigada.

An Alguacil stubbornly tries to hit Nael. He can shoot back and kill his opponent.

The Brigada, “Ibliz” hisses Nael, moves in and picks up Fadime, Al Fasid, Liyah and Alev.
All are hit and in the end, only the Al Fasid stands on its feet.

2. Round

“Amir, move forward, take cover behind the poster, then you’re within range of your shotgun!” Amir sprints forward.

“Al Fasid, go in direct close combat with the brigada! Cover me up the stairs!”
Al Fasid sprints forward, pulls out his knife and lunges with a laugh at the Brigada. The Al Fasid lands a hit immediately, but he does not want to finish it that fast.

Nael sneaks along the right wall of the building to the stairs, which are still stained with the blood of Masume.

Out of the rain, a silhoutte peels and points a gun at Amir. Before Nael can warn him, Amir is hit and sinks to the ground. Unfortunately, Nael can not see the shooter, probably a Spectr, as he stands behind the corner of the house.

Chunks of stone suddenly spatter on Nael, as he is shot at from his left front side. A Reverand Healer seems to be after him. But this misses and pulls back a piece.

With a desperate attack, the Brigada manages to bring Al Fasid to its knees!

3. Round

Nael tries to hit the Reverand Healer despite the poor visibility through the rain. This one is luckier than good and will not be hit. But Nael goes down.
Sal, the aged Zhayedan, leaps forward into the fray and also tries to catch the Healer. His motto is: “Kill the healer first!”
Unfortunately he does not.

This opportunity does not let the Spectr pass and tries to kill Sal. This evades skillfully and does his attacker.

He neglects his cover and is caught by the Healer … a sign of fate.

Lastly, he sees the brigade securing the roof and then falls…

(Victory Nomads, no losses… need this cube! There is something really wrong!)



“I’m going to open a brand new store, with a huge lighting! Oh, I’ll say, I’ll buy a whole house! And thank you, what’s your unit? I want to name my business after you!”

The doctor runs agitated with dollar signs in his eyes and supplies the wounded and believed dead.

“Sandstorm …” Nael groaned and tried to sit up. “Damn … we need this cube!”


Despite the heavy losses and incredible luck of the Brigada, it was a great game and we had a lot of fun. The selection of the figures, sniper and HMG, I found a bit out of place, because the advantage of the range did not come into its own. However, I am looking forward to a terrain that helps the weapons to their full potential: D

In the end, the game went 2: 8 for Uezguersmaster.

In fact, the nomads still had 85% (170) of their troop strength, while my Haqqs had shrunk to 6% (12).

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