Asteroid Blues


Operation Moonshine - smuggling route sweep mission

VS PanOceania

'Gray Goblin' team field briefing

"OK, Rubbishes."
"Our Contractor says some good guys in [Restricted] want some drink -well, you know, liquid drugs- , especially from Novyy Bangkok."
"Drink? I think they already have a plenty of drink."
"Right, right, they have plenty of any special brew of human sphere, i swear. But they think they are not."
"Why they want it? for Political assassination? Or suicide? Or just for fun?"
"Or maybe they just wants the small disturbance in the territory of hostile company. I don't know why, and need not know why. everyone need not, of course."
"So that's why we're in the throat of the Human sphere's most biggest bullies. So simple reason."
"Yeah. And the plan is also simple. Go in, Sweep the Guard, Load the 'brew' and turn on the auto-pilot system."
"We have any support, sir?"
"As always, trustful Yuan-yuan and Bazuks support us with all their strength, Literally. After we break through the last warning line, aliens move forward. Any problem?"

Ikari assult team approaches the Spacecraft cargo

"No? Good. Set the EVO-recon system. Enhance the reactions of repeater-remote, and send the picture on the visor."

PanOceania 'Guard' force deployment
Jone of Arc & Seraph Closeup

"Damn it, They are not a 'Guard'. Seraph and Jeanne? Why are they here?"
"Change the plan, sir?"
"No. Thanks to Druze security, we have a countermeasures. Wait..."
"Done. Now they has some communication least short times. Watch their deployment and counter it."

[description - Pano goes first, Ikari uses his command tokens, one for EVO-protcol, one for strategic use]

Round 1 - Turn 1 (LRDR turn)

Bagh-Mari Approaches to Ikari

"Enemy Bagh-Mari approaching! On the right corner! watch the edge!"
"I can handle that! I can handle!"

Brave Tanko against him with Missile launcher...
...and died

"Link leader report! Samurai one down! Samurai down!"
"Not a F**king Samurai, not even a Warrior! Just a turret, useless turret. I expect he can hold the at least one burst. Just. One. How pity."
"Anyway, there's backup plan. Morat, fortitude the defense line! It means...hold the position!"
"Thanks, thanks. And how about the left corner, Fasid?"

Ikari's left defense line with two remotes
Seraph moves...

"They Pushes heavily with heavy TAG, but Remotes are stand quite well... Oh. one down. Hevy-machine Gun one. But their Seraph is badly damaged, too. I it goes back Mabye for next offense."
"Okey... Bad news, but not just a bad news. So think......"

[discription - Pano player kills the Tanko with Bagh-Mari, and Move Seraph to break the left side Remote defence line. Pano kills the HMG Remote but Seraph suffers 2 Wounds, so Pano turn back Seraph and repairs to full wound]

Round 1 - Turn 2 (Anavi turn)

"OK, our turn. Reveal the remote, turn on the holoprojector. Morat, Move! Move forward!"

morat uses his impetus move

"Next, airborne! Now!"
"Whooooo-ya! sir! Finaly! we are here, fear the enemies! And some gooooood news too, guess it!"
"Your booty is a electromagnetic grenade, right?"
"Correct! Whoh-Whoo. Where i toss them? And when? Now?"

Yuan-yuan with E/M grenade(booty L1) successfully jumped to enemy Lt.

"Wait. Hold on till my sign. Actually, we already have one. Druze?"
"Alright. let's get worse."

Druze with E/m LGL starts speculative firing
Seraph immobilized

"Many tries, one success, but critical success. Good job."
"Enemy tags are down."
"Just immobilized. they have field-engineer, f**king truckers."
"But their palbot is also immobilized. If they want to repair the Seraph, it would not be easy."
"What a good news. Well, yuan?"
"Throw it to the saint. Drag her from the heaven!"

Joan of Arc also immobilized(Round 2 cut)

"So the next target is that annoying trucker. Comrades,, finish them!"

Bashi Bazouks tried to kill the monstrucker, but failed

"One dead, One stunned. I think We have to recover the remain troops and prepare for the next push."
"That would be best. comrades, regroup!"

[description - Ikari player drops all three Yuan-yuans successfully, and one has E/M grenade. With this Yuan-yuan and E/M LGL Druze, Ikari successfuly immobilizes Seraph, Jeanne, and palbot. But he fails to kill the monstrucker.]

Round 2 - Turn 1 (LRDR turn)

"Enemies are embarrassed, can you fill it?"
"yeah. they use all of their strategic resource in this moment....Oh."
"Finally, they repair their idol's suit."
"But their TAG is still immobilized. Saint without Seraph, what a shame."
"And our main combat resources are still online...good..."

[description - Pano player moves monstrucker through the battlefield to Jeanne, with use all of his Command Token, and success to repair the Jeanne. But he cannot try to repair the Seraph. Ikari infiltrators are all dead, except one Yuan-yuan]

Round 2 - Turn 2 (Anavi turn)

"Let's Wrap this battle up. First, Morat?"
"Good. finish the Bagh-mari with your chain gun...oh, CrocMan?"
"Oh, Surprise."

"Morat is exhausted."
"Bagh-mari were too. and its body block the croc's path. good. move on."
"Aaah, sir?"
"Why, The last Yuan?"
"Sweetest target is on my sight, can i handle it?"
"Immobilized Seraph? Why not? Go ahead!"

Yuan-yuan approaches a immobilized Seraph
Yuan-yuan who close to the Seraph made a enormous result and died

"yeah, wow. she sweeps the lots of auxiliary, destroys the TAG, and..."
"And shattered in pieces. Well, Now their offensive option is limited. If we stand this, we will win."

[description - Ikari player kills Seraph, and some troops with Last Yuan-yuan. Ikari moves his Datatracker(Al-Fasid) backwards to protect him]

Round 3- Turn 1(LRDR turn)

"Oh my. Joan D'arc comes."
"Hold on, Comrade. It's the last stand!"

Joan of Arc starts move to kill the Al fasid, datatracker
She moves very fast
Last shooting Phase(Joan of Arc side)
Last shooting Phase(Al fasid side)

"F**k! Damn spitfire! I'm hit!"
"Back off!"
"Engage! engage!"
"Eat this, Witch! It's critical-DEAD EYE! .....Damn, she's alive!"
"No, nice shot! She retreats! enemy retreats! Nice Job, comrade!"

[description - Pano player use her Joan of Arc ver.2 to kill the Ikari's Datatracker, but failed. Ikari player skips his last turn, by agreement]


"Whoa, what a combat."
"I take off my visor to you, Fasid."
"Best is the Yuan-Yuan who disassemble the Seraph. I guess."
"I agree. But she died. Dead body can't count."
"Hmm...that means...Bonus?"
"That's the spirit."

Loss point - Ikari 115 vs Pano 163 (3:1)
Remain point - Ikari 185 vs Pano 127 (3:1)
No datatracker Dies (0:0)

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