Asteroid Blues


Firefight at the HQ!

Sameron von fuckface

This weekend I went to Utah 'cause job, and I go time to met some amazing people here on my free time, first time in the US and they were so kind and friendly! Something I love from Infinity is the community and this is an example. So, without any more emotional stuff, letg's go to the report

Are Mercs regulated at Novvy Bangkok?

"The question is if mercs need to have a more strict regulation, not all merc groups are as honorable as StarCo so, what can common people do if they got attacked as we were? At least we're Corregidorean so we can fight back, but not all the human edge citizens have that same luck. The enemy was Dahshat, they of course didn't come for money!
Julius Fernandez, representative of Cosmika Ltd. Just after the "Asteroid Blues" events on Novvy Bangkok."

The scenario for the battle

So, my opponent is starting to play Dahshat and there were plenty amount of proxies. I got first and he chose sides and make me deploy first.
I go with my "Pain Train" on the middle of the table, my Intruder and my Jaguar on my left side and my Bandit and my Brigada LT on my right. Dahshat took the tower on my right with a Brawler + Bounty Hunter fireteam (With the MSV sniper as an ARO piece). McMurder on the center with a near "Camo token" and the Al-Fasid just on the base of the Fireteam tower.

So, on the first turn my Hellcat dropped from the skies on the enemies right side (my left) thanks to the bonus of the "Firefight" mission because I got a 13. After that, he hurt McMurder and then stayed at SF to hold McMurder on site.

On Dahshat turn, McMurder stayed quiet as a god-dogo, because of supression so, Al-Fasid started to work and moved into a good position, my Brigada MULTI rifle make him one wound but he went unconscious. A Húlang troop moved thorugh the center roofs and took position just near my camo token (bandido). My Pain Train recieved and unpleasant TO visitor, Saito. He killed my HMG but the MULTI rifle burn him to ashes before falling too.

On my second turn, I used smoke to attack the link team's sniper with my Intruder, not all the bonuses I wanted for but at least I landed three hits and the Sniper failed the ARM rolls. Then, I also attack the Hulang who also failed the rolls! After that, I healed my Brigada and rearmed the team for them to go again.

On Dahshat turn, a normal camo marker appeaered that I discovered with my team and after that we landed a nice crit to take her down. The Al-Fasid took down my Intruder and moved to take out Lupe but Lupe landed a nice wound.

My last turn was as effective as the first one, something that really surprised me because my dice were behaving very good! MULTI Brigada, brought back by the Daktari, took down the Al-fasid on one round of AP bullets! After that, I moved my LT just to be sure that I would be securing the HVT. And tried to hit one member of enemy fireteam with my Hellcat but I missed due to distance mods.

My opponent couldn't do anything so he passed the turn.

Victory for Corregidor!

Securing the HVT

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