Asteroid Blues


Trainning Exercises

VS Nomads

NOTE 1: This was my last match of the last tournament, sadly for the campaign it was a Corregidor vs Corregidor match with very similar lists; I know this points will not sum at the campaign but I took photos and was a very funny match.
NOTE 2: Gecko 02 was a proxy for McMurrough

Military show of force at Cosmika HQ

"NMF executed a military exercise with some of the fresh troops that arrived to Novvy Bangkok, in order to capture and execute any Shasvastii cell that could be found in Nomad territory. Last exercise was between Corregidorean troops, who as always, denoted excellence in their trainning.
Leilany Camacho, Amanecer Massai, Your real news source at Arachne"

"-So, tell me McMurrough, why did you forget the objective of the trainning!?
McMurrough was upset, even he took down many members of the other team, he didn't manage to take out a very agile Daktaris and, to adding a cherry to the cake, he forgot to take down the objective. He was provoked and he fell down directly into that provocation, that damned Daktari was shouting that he has a big sword but a very little friend...
-Damned Daktari... -managed to whisper McMurrough. He already knew that the pay for this day certainly will not be complete, Corregidoreans pay for results not for hours. "
Cosmika HQ, Novvy Bangkok

The Battle

For this battle my opponent and me had the chance for going up to 3rd place in the tournament, depending on another match result but at least the chance was there.

The mission was Looting and Saboting, a mission I don't like ver much but I need to win. Both first rounds were very tough. My hellcat arrived on my first turn but he failed to took out the obviously opponent's LT and the got unconscious thanks to an Intruder (MULTI Sniper). Shame for him.

Then My McMurrough advanced but got caught by the Intruder hacker who jumped from a building without any problems. Then I stopped his Bandido with my Tsyklon and the Intruder Sniper. My team got into position for defending my ACS but McMurrough survived and got into FtF with my Gecko who at least support a round of punches and bites from the mercenary. My oppponent's link was also defending the ACS so I couldn't affore to get close, instead I loot the panoplies with my Bandido, thing that gave me the game!

On the last turn of my opponent (he closes the match), he moved McMurrough and literally, disarmed my Link Team but, instead of going after the objective, he tried to kill al my team members and, a very agile Daktaris made him consume all the orders saving the ACS!

When we finished and my opponent realize about the mission we started to laugh! He forgot the main objective and with that the opportunity to go 3rd or 4th on the tournament. For me,I got 4th because 1 miserable OP. So, the morale of this fable is... NEVER FORGET THE OBJECTIVE and, if your opponent seems to forget it, you should mantain the calm and never do anything to make him/her remember! Jajajajajaja

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