Asteroid Blues


Holding the line, no matter the size...


A big shadow

-Hey jefa, isn't that a big shadow over there?
-What are you saying, Martinez? That's just a...
Something big move through the corridorrs of the Cosmika HQ, then a couple of other shadows of less height move through the same corridors. Martinez and Chief Kami, a Brigada LT in charge of that turn's patrol keep the sensors active and the eyes open, but the constitution of the Gorge didn't help a lot and maybe that's something the builders wanted.

-Hey boss, Gutierrez here. I've detected an Aleph antenna landing near our location. They're really here.

The comms became silent.

-Did the Warcor’s camera is filming?
-Yes I am, -answered Lynda Reverté- all the stuff will be online at Arachne.
-And at some pirate signals on Maya…- whispered Chapie, the Special Operative assigned to the mission.

Two shadows became close, un was a human-like shadow, the other seems more "animal", but for defensive team both only mean one thing: the enemy was here.

Battle Report

Well, for third consecutive time on a tournament I fought against Aleph (and Kortz) on my first round, the score was 2-0 for the lying robots but... spoiler alert! I won this time. And yes, this is a battle from a torunament celebrated on Sunday 22th.

Kortz is a good and strong player on my actual zone and a very nice person so no matter the result, the matches are always amazing!

And well, two more difficulties showed for the battle: the scenario and a big Marut.

The scenario for the HQ!

I was going to try, finally, the new combinations for Corregidor so as the tournament will have LI rules, I went for a full "core" of Brigadas with a Tsyklon, Lupe and a Daktari. An Intruder, a Gecko for the extra points and a Engineer/Hacker Spec-Ops.

I got second on initiative and first to deploy. As you saw on the previous photo, the table was a "interesting" scenario for TAGs. The walls of the buildings were considered infinite and only the room with the central antenna allowed TAGs and Remotes to get in.

Aleph's fireteam was located on the corner building trying to cover two big corridors, and the Marut was on the middle. Andromeda was the first one to come in, wounding my Brigada HMG whow fight her three orders and got one wound only. Then on the other side, my warcor was killed by another MK and, after that he held the line with suppressive fire.

On my turn I moved my link to kill with the "supported" Tsyklon, Andromeda. After that I used my LT Brigada to take out the Mk who killed the Warcor on the last turn and also wounded my Gecko. Two loses for Aleph, just one for Nomads on the first turn.

The second round started with the big robot moving into position but I managed to take him out thanks to the Tsklon's spitfire and Lupe's Panzerfaust but it was not enough because he was restored by the enemy's Engineer Spec-Ops. So on my turn, I fought back and finally destroyed that thing! The enemy FT took out my Spitfire and Lupe but at least it seemed that I would go first into the Antenna but the ML take Lupe before dying.

The third round was very insteresting, my Gecko was wounded, my brigadas were wounded but I still have the motivation for conquest! A very unconfortable MK PRoxy moved from "Hidden deployment" through the scenario and then secured the Antenna. I though, it's not a big deal, right? It's a prox... oh man, I was so wrong...

That damned proxy killed my Intruder, took the last wound of my Gecko, took down my Gecko Pilot, resisted one Boarding Shotgun round finally on the second round of my Brigada's combi went down!


I spent orders in order to make more fluff for the report but almost cost me the match!

I think the new fireteams at Corregidor are a new way for playing, bringing interesting options due the new configurations. Things I'll change from the match would be Warcor deployment, too risky and that's why she paid with her life. Above of that I think that LI matches on difficult tables take these matches on another level.

A big shadow - Conclusion

LT Kami was checking the vitals from the warcor but the sensors on her screen showed the reality, she was death. At least the bastard machine that did that was out of operation, she thought. Death is only for living beings, not machines -said through the communication lines.

-We will need to recover the cube and anything that the camera recorded, do you understand Daks?

The girl with abundant hair nodded while she started to take out her instruments from his bag. It was a victory but she had a lot of work to do with her wounded brothers.

-Is there something that the machines forgot to take?

The comms silence broke out from silence with Martinez voice.

-The jodida machine was complete destroyed, by Lupe's panzerfaust and all the bullets we threw to it- answered Martinez-, not an even piece of shit that could be usable by our technicians.
-Understood Martinez -answered LT Kami-, keep your eyes open and our sensors running, those damned machines will not rest until they take what they want, remember la Forja!

-Remember la Forja- answered the rest of the team through the comms line.

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