Asteroid Blues


Do not drink if you're going to pilot a Gecko!

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Harry's Bar

There are some things that are not really quite well received by some people. A punch in the face is one of those things no matter if you're drunk or not, and of course no matter if you deserve it.

Joel was messing with the Yu-Jing's patrol at the bar. He learned a couple of words on chinese during his time on Mars: 我砍你媽媽 (I chop your mother), an expression used by some Corregidorean guys sto mess with the Yu-Jings. Of course the phrase came with some hand movements.

He was too drunk when the Yu-Jing's guys entered the room, and when he shouted the room entered in silence, like a typical comedy movie. Maybe they could had ignored a drunk nomad but, for the bad sake of the bar, they had been on MArs too, so they understood that reference perfectly.

Joel just saw the fist when it was too damn close, the result: a broken nose and a big bar fight. Massacre was over there so he punched the other guy. A Moran threw a chair to one of the Zuyongs who responded with a flying glass taken from a clueless fusilier that was sleeping at the bar. More members of the Yu-Jing patrol entered the bar and join the fight so the proud drunken people of Corregidor started to have problems.

In the chaos, some other guys entered the fight. The Moran was taken down by a chair and a Wildcat officer received an entire table on her, literally.

The mess scalated quickly but before the guns were showed, a Jaguar threw some smoke to take some advantage and get out of the bar. It was a big defeat for Corregidor but just another bar fight at the main strip.

The Battle

Well, my friend and me used the battle to train for the next tournament we're going to have this weekend so double purpose for this one.

The mission was Show of Force with LI + Spec-Ops. The "configuration" of my Spec-Ops, didnt' matter as he was killed on the first order by a template xD. I know that Geckos are shitty tags but I loved the model so I played a list with two geckos and link of a jaguar, Massacre and Lupe to support a HMG Intruder. Wildcat LT and a Moran.

A good strategy and some help of the goddess of Fortune (more than 4 critics) made my army suffer a lot so instead of detailing all the mission I'll give you the observations of the main errors I think I made:

1. Check the sizes of the scenograph with the "S" values, I though I was in full cover but no...
2. Do not forget about templates, consider this while deploying all our stuff.
3. Do not forget about "hidden" pieces, I forget an ARO from a Moran that would avoid all the mess that came with the enemy AD.
4. Double TAP. Hellcat do a lot of damage but I left the troops unconscious, if I had killed them, maybe the result could have been other.
5. Geckos are not very useful but those B5 Assault Pistols of the Pilots can avenge the fallen Gecko xD

Well, I promise better reports for the next one!

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