Asteroid Blues


Operation: DLYWKHMYSOM - O-12?

Admiral JCJF
VS O-12

#Connecting to Maya *Hexahedron Secure Net*
//-Sourcing Maya Stream: “Operation: DLYWKHMYSOM - O12?”
-*WARNING* Stream Interrupted…
*WARNING – THIS BROADCAST HAS BEEN CLASSIFIED INDIGO-DARK BY THE INNER HEXAHEDRON – Rebroadcasting this material without appropriate authority will result in official sanction.*
//-Enter Authorisation: **************
-Authorisation Accepted..
// Mayacast Begins…

Lt Almira [REDACTED] – Officer In Charge LROG Team 1 - Novyy Bangkok

Assets Deployed: Acontecimento Regular Fireteam with Bagh-Mari Sniper, Bagh-Mari HMG, Akalis Spitfire, Machinist, Trauma Doc, Fugazi Remotes, MuleBot Remotes
Additional support was provided by the ALEPH assets: Naga KHD, Naga FO, Dart
SPECIAL NOTE – The engagement was recorded by WarCor Beatriz Morales

Primary Objective: Access and secure the Communications Antenna

Secondary Objective: Eliminate designated civilian target

We were assigned the Classified Objectives to eliminate an enemy unit with Extreme Prejudice and to deploy an experimental biological tracking agent to a HVT in the operations area.

Following up on a tip from Inner Hexahedron agents, LROG operatives were investigating a nest of Shasvastii near the Liberty Cargo Logistics Center: Administration Area. Team 1 deployed to recover control of the Comms Center, only to come under fire from an O-12 team. Their IFF was outdated and they ignored attempts at communication, so the team was forced to engage to achieve their objectives. The agents were dug into an advantageous position, but we seized the initiative and advanced to engage aggressively.

Optimate Huntress Dart moved up the right flank, eliminating a designated target, one of the O-12 assault units and their support hacker.
Akali Sikh Commando Assault Gunner Afonso [REDACTED] then dropped into the rear of the O-12 position. He engaged and eliminated two of their Remotes and one of their assault units before taking up a defensive position to draw in their opening attack.
The attempts to eliminate the Optimate Huntress tied down the O-12 forces on the right flank.
Meanwhile the Sikh Commando managed to take down one of the assault units which moved in to engage him, but was eliminated by the second.
With our primary assault units having been neutralised, but the enemy counter-offensive blunted, our Nagas went to work. Between them they captured four of the Antenna, with the FO having difficulty with the Maya security on the one he was attempting to secure.
Bagh-Mari Gunner Tomas [REDACTED] engaged one of the O-12 heavy troopers, as well as one of their midfield units, eliminating them before taking up a defensive overwatch position.
A deadly firefight broke out with an O-12 sniper wounding Gunner Tomas, the Naga FO and Acontecimento Regular Minelayer Sebastian [REDACTED]. A Killer Hacker then came out of Hidden Deployment and moved up to try to take back some of the antenna we had secured, but was taken out in a display of bravery from Trauma Doc Matilde [REDACTED].
This all but ended the engagement, with the O-12 force having effectively no specialist assets available and little support to allow them to move up.

Bagh-Mari Sniper Carolina [REDACTED], Akali Sikh Commando Assault Gunner Afonso and WarCor Beatriz Morales were killed and their cubes have been returned to Acontecimento for resurrection. Other injured troopers are recovering in the Liberty Cargo infirmary.

//- …Mayacast Ends
– Access recorded: LOG 2863G-67
*WARNING – THIS BROADCAST HAS BEEN CLASSIFIED INDIGO-DARK BY THE INNER HEXAHEDRON – Rebroadcasting this material without appropriate authority will result in official sanction.*
*Hexahedron Secure Net* #Disconnecting…

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