Asteroid Blues


Operation: Abiding Freedom - Target Elimination

Admiral JCJF
VS Combined Army

#Connecting to Maya *Hexahedron Secure Net*
//-Sourcing Maya Stream: “Operation: Abiding Freedom - Target Elimination”
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-Authorisation Accepted..
// Mayacast Begins…

Lt Almira [REDACTED] – Officer In Charge LROG Team 1 - Novyy Bangkok

Assets Deployed: Acontecimento Regular Fireteam with Bagh-Mari Sniper, Bagh-Mari HMG, Naga KHD, Machinist, Trauma Doc, TechBee, Tikbalang TAG, Fugazi Remotes, MuleBot Remotes
SPECIAL NOTE – The engagement was recorded by WarCor Beatriz Morales

Primary Objective: Identify and Eliminate enemy officers

Secondary Objective: Eliminate designated civilian target, Engage and Destroy enemy force

Following up on a tip from Inner Hexahedron agents led LROG operatives to a nest of Shasvastii near the Liberty Cargo Logistics Area. Team 1 deployed to hunt down and eliminate their leadership, destroy the alien forces, and eliminate a turncoat working for the EI coordinating with this alien force. The aliens were dug into an advantageous position, but we seized the initiative and advanced to engage aggressively.

Aware of the tendency of the Shasvastii to use numerous concealed units, and noting a much smaller number of opponents than expected Remote Operator Mariana [REDACTED] advanced one of her Fugazi units up the center of the battlefield. This unit advanced to contact with an alien assault unit, which damaged the unit, but not before it could deploy a Sniffer. Regular Minelayer Matias [REDACTED] then activated a Sensor sweep, which revealed an alien ambush unit with a Missile Launcher hidden at the end of the long central lane. Bagh-Mari Sniper Carolina [REDACTED] then engaged the target and eliminated it.
With the risk of ambush thus substantially reduced TAG Pilot Ana [REDACTED], who had been designated as the Data Tracker for this engagement, advanced her Tikbalang. She forced the alien assault trooper to take cover before eliminating the Designated Target. Her advance then took her into LoF of the alien Fireteam, and the alien leader was wounded and then knocked out. She then withdrew to a covered position and deployed a mine for additional protection.
Bagh-Mari Gunner Alejandro [REDACTED] then advanced to draw LoF on the two alien creatures on the right flank, engaging and destroying them before taking up a firing position overlooking that flank.

In response the alien assault unit eliminated the Sniffer before going back into a camo state.
The alien offensive was then launched, revealing a light TAG class "Sphinx" to advance up the right flank. It shrugged off the Flash-Pulse of our WarCor before killing a civilian caught in the combat zone and Bagh-Mari Gunner Alejandro. It then advanced slightly and destroyed one of our Fugazi remote units.
Pushing up further brought it into the LoF of three members of the Fireteam, who poured Combi Rifle fire into it, even as two of the mines in our defensive lines triggered. It used its flamers again, killing Regular Santiago and Regular Minelayer Matias, but when the smoke cleared the TAG had been put down by the weight of fire.

We re-organised the teams to offer maximum support to TAG Pilot Ana [REDACTED], who continued her advance up the left flank, engaging and destroying aliens with her Tikbalang as she went.
After wiping out the alien Fireteam she caught the assault creature between herself and Bagh-Mari Sniper Carolina. With these advanced threats eliminated she continued to push into the enemy deployment area, destroying one of their remotes.
With only one remote unit remaining at this point the aliens were incapable of further offensive action and the spawn-embryos of the wounded were systematically hunted down and eliminated.

Bagh-Mari Gunner Alejandro, Regular Santiago and Regular Minelayer Matias were killed and their cubes have been returned to Acontecimento for resurrection. One Fugazi remote was destroyed in this engagement, while a second was damaged and has been returned to the workshop for repair.

//- …Mayacast Ends
– Access recorded: LOG 0641E-43
*WARNING – THIS BROADCAST HAS BEEN CLASSIFIED INDIGO-DARK BY THE INNER HEXAHEDRON – Rebroadcasting this material without appropriate authority will result in official sanction.*
*Hexahedron Secure Net* #Disconnecting…

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