Asteroid Blues


Operation: DLYWKHMYSOM - NA2 Attack

Admiral JCJF

#Connecting to Maya *Hexahedron Secure Net*
//-Sourcing Maya Stream: “Operation: DLYWKHMYSOM - NA2”
-*WARNING* Stream Interrupted…
*WARNING – THIS BROADCAST HAS BEEN CLASSIFIED INDIGO-DARK BY THE INNER HEXAHEDRON – Rebroadcasting this material without appropriate authority will result in official sanction.*
//-Enter Authorisation: **************
-Authorisation Accepted..
// Mayacast Begins…

Lt Almira [REDACTED] – Officer In Charge LROG Team 1 - Novyy Bangkok

Assets Deployed: Acontecimento Regular Fireteam with ORC Assault Specialist, Dragao TAG, Tikbalang TAG, Machinist, MuleBot Remotes

Primary Objective: Dominate the Transmission Antenna with TAG units

Secondary Objective: Engage and Destroy enemy forces, Eliminate the enemy Data Tracker

Following up on a tip from Inner Hexahedron agents, LROG operatives were investigating an incursion by mercenary forces near the Liberty Cargo Logistics Center: Administration Area. Team 1 deployed to recover control of the Transmission Antenna, only to come under fire from the mercenary forces. The mercenaries were dug into an advantageous position, but we seized the initiative and advanced to engage aggressively.

TAG Pilot Ana [REDACTED] moved her Tikbalang up into the center of the battlefield catching the enemy TAG unit in a crossfire. In attempting to withdraw from her fire the enemy unit came into LoF of TAG Pilot Idonia in her Dragao, who engaged and destroyed the enemy TAG.

Pilot Ana then moved her Tikbalang through the center of the battlefield, laying a series of mines before both TAGs took up suppressive fire positions.

The mercenaries responded by attempting to take out the Dragao. They dropped several Yuan Yuan airborne units, two of which made it to their objective and one of which managed to damage a Remote along the way to its target. After these failed to put down the TAG the mercenary commander moved up a pair of Morat berserkers, the second of which arrived and knocked the TAG unconscious.

Acontecimento Regular Minelayer Sebastian [REDACTED] then used his Sensor suite to triangulate fire onto the mercenaries and eliminate them before they could destroy the deactivated TAG. The Dragao was then brought back online by Machinist Mateo [REDACTED].

TAG Pilot Ana was able to engage two of the mercenary support elements with her Tikbalang and eliminate them as well, putting the enemy in a difficult position as they moved to counter attack.

Their attempts to break through the fire line of the two TAGs proved futile with Pilots Ana and Idonia eliminating the enemy units which attempted to challenge them.

With the bulk of the enemy forces eliminated, the two TAGs moved up to the antenna. Acontecimento Regular Minelayer Martim [REDACTED] also moved up and deployed additional mines and covered the raised dias.

Although the enemy commander attempted to engage the TAGs, their combined fire was too much and between the mines and their defensive fire the position was held 'till the mercenaries fell back.

The remote and two TAG units damaged in this engagement have been garaged at Liberty Cargo pending repair, while replacement units have been assigned to their pilots.

//- …Mayacast Ends
– Access recorded: LOG 4085I-89
*WARNING – THIS BROADCAST HAS BEEN CLASSIFIED INDIGO-DARK BY THE INNER HEXAHEDRON – Rebroadcasting this material without appropriate authority will result in official sanction.*
*Hexahedron Secure Net* #Disconnecting…

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