Asteroid Blues


Today is the last full day of the campaign, if you have battle reports left to add you should do so today. All theaters will we locked midday on Tuesday.

It has been an eventful week on Novvy Bangkok, with a flurry of activity at all the locations on the infamous outpost on the Human Edge.

Earlier on in the week, the Traffic Control Offices at Pakngein Nbis experienced some delays today when multiple asasults from NA-2 and Ariadnian forces caused the Haqqi forces to step up security measures.This set the stage is the Traffic Control Offices at Pakngein Nbis – boasting over a dozen reported incidents involving Nomad and Ariadnian operatives confronting Haqqi defensive forces. Though they were holding the line, it is started to show stress fractures. With over one hundred special operations being conducted at this location alone, Haqqislam forces are still holding strong against Ariadnian aggression – though it would seem that their efforts are destined to fail.

The Battery Control Module at Xaraks has been one of the more quiet locations on Novvy Bangkok. Ariadnian forces lost control of this location early to O-12, who has secured it ever since. Word has it that Ariadian forces and O-12 operatives arranged a ceasefire when they realized that competing with the international governing body wasn’t in their best interests.

The Operations Hub at the Jiyuan Open-Pit Site is a sore spot for Yu-Jing special forces operating on Novvy Bangkok. Though a strong point for the Jade Empire, more importantly, it was an hub of operations for the Yu-Jing intelligence agency. I say was because it now belongs to NA-2 forces looking to claim the mine site for itself, and the profitable mineral seams that are such a point of pride for the company, and the nation itself. Not only is it embarrassing that Yu-Jing has lost the mine, but more so, they lost it to Japanese separatists who recently had seceded with prejudice during the uprising not so long ago.

As with Yu-Jing, PanOceania has its own badge of shame to bear in this campaign. Sitting on their laurels, they quietly minded the Administration Buildings at the Liberty Cargo Logistics Centre, and were sure that their reputation for relentless retribution would carry them through the campaign. Becoming complacent, they were unprepared for an organized assault by Haqqi forces, which quickly overtook them and claimed the Administration Buildings for themselves. Though scattered, it is possible that the PanOceanic operatives can reclaim the territory, but time is running out.

The contingent of nomad operatives on Novvy Bangkok managing the Bot Branch Office in The Gorge have done an excellent job defending their property, despite being assaulted on numerous fronts by many different factions. As it stands, there isn’t much chance of them losing the territory at this point, as there hasn’t been any organized effort to take it.

The Japanese Bottom on the Main Strip has been where Yu-Jing operatives have focused their efforts, attempting to wrest it from NA-2 Mercenary Control – and they were successful up to a point. Though the battle had been close, Tohaa special forces surveyed the battleground with hungry eyes, and when the time had come – they struck hard and fast. With a few swift strokes, the Tohaa forces defeated the Yu-Jing troops in the area, already winded from earlier skirmishes with the secessionist army. They didn’t last long, and currently, the Yu-Jing forces are attempting to regroup – but without place to retreat to, it is unlikely they will be able to rally in time to stop the Tohaa from becoming the new masters of the black markets of Novvy Bangkok.

Beneath Novvy Bangkok, the Passageways belong to ALEPH forces. Thought they have been challenged by many other factions, Nomad operatives have been the ones to strike the hardest. Though still currently claimed by ALEPH, it looks as though they could lose it at any time. The Nomads are hungry for revenge the repeated assaults on their territories during the first phase of the campaign, and will stop at nothing to repay the debt in synthetic blood.

There is a day left in the campaign, and though many lines have been drawn in the sand, I’m sure the forces controlling operatives in the region still have a few tricks up their sleeves. What sort of exciting finale can we expect to see when the dust clears from the theatres of battle on Novvy Bangkok.


  • Berithh says:

    Everything just locked down. Well done everyone!

  • thepoorman says:

    I’m sorry am I the only one wondering what “the spit of treason” is?

  • Drunkergnom says:

    You won first battle, but war is not over. We will not forget and forgive your assault on Xaraks, even in front of Armageddon.

  • Ayaxs says:

    @Psychotic Storm

    Yeah, for some of us it took time to realize that the data was from friday, wich was very different from the rest of the second phase.

  • Glaive_Commander says:

    Humans, an inferior race, Moaning and crying for how they feel today.
    And the “great nations” like PanOceania, Yu Jing or Haqqislam or whatever is the name of the new nation that you create yesterday, trying to shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness but it is a darkness that you created yourself, and the human sphere is doomed
    But don’t worry we are here to cut your suffer without the agony.

    The Black Order Legion is here!
    don’t forget that

    Glaive Commander infiltrator specialist leader of the Black Order

    “I will flay the skin from your flesh and the flesh from your bones and scrape your bones dry. And still you will not have suffered enough.”

  • Terrordactyl says:

    My favorite thing about this campaign, mechanically, was having the points change around in phase 2. Obviously I would’ve loved if Haqqislam kept making 4 points per win, but we were clearly playing more games than made sense with that. Likewise Nomads needed their boost. It wouldn’t have been nearly as fun if the points stayed and the inaccurate ones just snowballed. The last week was such a nail biter!

  • theGricks says:

    @Father Knight Luisjoey :sips tea in Haqqislam: Yes we failed in an experiment. We held the Liberty Cargo Buildings for as long as we could, seeing if we could fend off two fronts.We found we could not so we dropped Liberty Cargo to hold the Ariadna faction at bay. We were….surprised, how long it took you to reclaim it. As was mentioned in other area, you thought to harass our Nomad allies, we did not condone that so we slapped your wrist. You are not beyond the Sword of Allah. You should probably thank the Ariadnans for forcing us away from Liberty Cargo.

  • Psychotic Storm says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I do not know why I need to say this and why I need to explain this, but the online campaigns is your place to make your own narrative regardless of the “official” Infinity narrative, allowing you and your community to expand on it.

    Be it Honorable Yu Jing players trying to make Novvy Bangkok a safer place and see their efforts be smeared by the media, Nomads hunting down EI forces and their valiant efforts be interpreted as incursions on Aleph territory, or the many other narratives I’ve read through the reports and on the forums.

    What you roleplayed is yours, and will never be taken away from you no matter what the official fluff may be – be it Ponies, the struggles of Danger Rose that I wait to read in every campaign, or the myriad of narratives that are created some of whom carry on throughout the campaigns – including the faction grudges and alliances.

    A minor note is that you need to understand that the graphs show only victories, and not defeats. There may be many attempts by a faction, and all of them result in failure it does not mean it will show up in the charts.

    In Addition, I would just like to say that everyone has been a little agitated by the most recent update. Please keep in mind that it was written on Friday and reflects the political atmosphere of that and did not incorporate the results over the weekend. Also, let’s take a breath and give it a break when it comes to the rhetoric – especially the commentary regarding the portrayal of particular factions and their efforts throughout the campaign. There is going to be a final update, and it will be proportional to your efforts – but it is very hard to keep track of the results when new reports are being submitted every 10 minutes. We are not a big team, and cannot include absolutely everything that happens every minute.

    What you’re not seeing is the daily updates that our volunteers have been posting daily to keep us abreast of the activities on Novyy Bangkok, and this is just the most recent one. Once the campaign is over and the results are in, there will be a final update that will detail what took place on the Astroidal Colony.

  • GrayJudge says:

    I strongly agree with @Spitfire_TheCat on everything! And @ Ktulhuist09, with comments like “mine and -xxx- efforts were enough to capture the maze”, it seems that you were the only one who went down to the Labyrinth xDDD

  • Spitfire_TheCat says:

    Aleph doesn’t deserve any recognition. At least they are not getting some from me. They didn’t try to repel the CA. Instead, as always, they went for Nomads. It’s the most poorly programmed AI immaginable: Aleph: “Look, Nomads … Attack them!” Sane human: “But there are Shasvastii around.” Aleph: “Did you not listen? N-O-M-A-D-S-!-!-! … Attack them!”

  • GrayJudge says:

    The Nomad went to The Maze not to kill synthetics, we went because there was the danger to humanity … That was where Noviy Banghok’s danger really was, we went to set an example for the other nations, so they know where they are going to to struggle. And whoever wins the map of The Maze, will be the one who has really set the most example in this fight, because Aleph wasn’t going to let the Nomads get that easy recognition.

    (sorry for my google-english)

  • Admiral JCJF says:

    I’m with Danger Rose on this one.

    The only narrative that matters is the one we’ve forged together.

    Well, that and the tiny snippets which actually make it into the setting (‘though those are pretty arbitrary, so don’t count on anything!).

  • bloodzy says:

    Life has prevented me from getting any Phase 2 games in, but have had lots of fun, the Roleplay in the NA2 forum and other battle reports has been outstanding and a joy to read and participate in. Great Job OTT and CB and all the players!

  • JJ.konko says:

    Despite not being pleased by this update I have to say the campaign has been a ton of fun with way more going on.

    So thank you Haqq, NA2, Ariadna, Aleph and To ha for really trying to get stuff done. It all made for a fun time.

    Also the Yu-Jing community is great and super supportive of everyone. Win or lose.

  • Ktulhuist09 says:

    If nomads got 4 points for a victory, mine and @Spitfire_TheCat’s efforts were enough to capture the maze)
    Pano even in nomad’s darkest hours was not able to capture arachne node, so “Nomads stay hidden at their gorge” is just words to the wind)

  • McCaptain says:

    It has been an exciting few weeks!

  • EDOCGenKip says:

    I was wondering how O-12 would work as a faction in the campaign, considering they were tacked on to ALEPH and Ariadna.

  • Spitfire_TheCat says:

    @Father Knight Luisjoey:
    If you distribute the points fairer, means 3 points per victory for Aleph and Nomads we would still be holding the Maze. And this with 133 to 125 victories while still holding 3 locations vs. 2 locations of Aleph.
    This campaign we were the underdogs and compared to some unnamed blue hyperpower with 34 (25%) more victories we actually did something.

  • Spitfire_TheCat says:

    @Father Knight Luisjoey:
    Nomads stay hidden at their Gorge? Nomads … stay … hidden … at … their … Gorge?
    You seen the same campaign we did?
    Not only are we holding 3 Locations against Aleph and PanO with the same amout of victorys as Aleph but only 3 instead of 4 points per victory, while Aleph barely held 2 locations.
    No, we conquered the Maze for two whole days.
    We have the least points of any faction that had to hold locations and we held the same amount of locations as the hyper powers. Except for Ariadna, who held nothing.
    Aleph did a great job? Yeah, pretty easy when I get a whole third more points per victory. And still they didn’t conquer a location.
    What did PanO do this campaign? Nothing. They barely fought of Haqq who fought you and Ariadna at the same time. PanO conquering anything? Not a thought of it.
    Nomads stay hidden at their Gorge …

  • Yue Fei says:

    Battles with NA-2 over Jiyuan Pit Ops Hub have been incredibly heated and the location has swung back and forth – this is a credit to both sides and how intense the fighting has been there. However Yu Jing is prevailing after the weekend and this is not the final campaign breakdown. We expect to hear a different story once the dust has settled on Novyy Bangkok. It is unfortunate that NA-2 held the location at all, but we are still doing all we can to turn that around.

    If anyone here has a badge of shame for this early phase update, it’s actually the Tohaa. They made a commitment to their allies to defend the Japanese Bottom from Yu Jing aggression, which was really only a secondary skirmish compared to the intensity of the assault going on against Yu Jing’s home base. Despite their commitment, the Tohaa showed up to the party ten days late and were probably pretty drunk when they arrived.

    As things stand the Ikari company risks being wiped from their own map and has left an assortment of vegetables stuck in the Japanese Bottom. Stay tuned for our grand finale tomorrow!

  • Archon says:

    This update is fake news:

    The Operations Hub at the Jiyuan Open-Pit Site is a sore spot for Yu-Jing special forces operating on Novvy Bangkok. Though a strong point for the Jade Empire, more importantly, it was an hub of operations for the Yu-Jing intelligence agency. I say was because it now belongs to NA-2 forces looking to claim the mine site for itself, and the profitable mineral seams that are such a point of pride for the company, and the nation itself. Not only is it embarrassing that Yu-Jing has lost the mine, but more so, they lost it to Japanese separatists who recently had seceded with prejudice during the uprising not so long ago.

    Yu Jing does not lost their mine. Though they temporary lost control and took it back! It was not japanese seperatists who attacked us, but a bunch of mercenary forces incl. a few JSA warbands. Yu Jing taked over harrys bar at the main strip to bring back a little control over this anarchistic place, where the shasvastii were seen first on NB. Yu Jing takes over the japanese buttom and lost grip of it, because NA-2 (incl. a couple of japanese uprisers) calls to an attack on the the mining pit, so YJ have to back up defenses and split forces, which was abused by cunning aliens of the Tohaa race (they can not be trusted). Glory to the Yu Jing empire that stands on it own in a tide of allied warbands and aliens but remain unbeaten.

    (NA-2 as a whole faction isn´t working for a campaign)

  • Adrivanix30 says:

    Hopefully tomorrow night we’ll have some sort of exalted campaing resume (based on actual results) so everyone get some feedback for their efforts.

  • GoGo Faehrlich says:

    This news update is probably supposed to be motivational…well…at least that’s one way of interpreting it. Yu Jing usually gets bad press, which is a shame. But still somewhat better then getting NO press at all!

    Seriously, isn’t this campaign about some Shasvastii infiltration? Buried so deeply underground that nobody ever noticed…I guess…

  • East of Irem says:

    Given the level of accuracy on display I fear that at the next meeting if the judiciary I will be voting to repeal your licence to broadcast. These rumours of our defeat are greatly exaggerated.

  • Sabin76 says:

    Looks like even CB is acknowledging that CA is just a construct of ALEPH by not mentioning them at all. Fine by me. Makes spreading malcontent and distrust even easier!

  • Thorongil says:


    It’s fine, NA-2 will gladly still take PANO money as usual.

    But keep acting like this, keep refusing the hand we hold. And when CA will come, you might find yourself standing alone with the mercs and your hypocrisy.
    And find they make poor allies.

    While we showed that together, whatever the odds, we are strong. That we can take whatever is thrown at us and hold our ground.
    And that we can do so while remaining faithful toward one another, fighting as friends, as brothers, and as equals.
    And overcome.

    For we shall hold the line.

    And we say this to the rest of the Human Sphere.
    You may despise us, but in the hour of need. When the invasion will be not on your doorstep, but within your home, you will be glad to find us.

    And Yu Jing will be there. For we stand above your judging, and we stand together.

    – Captain Hong Long –

  • Father Knight Luisjoey says:

    Shame its to have haqq having 4 pts for winning when its a high faction, but despite of that we Panoceania managed to retake our building and save the data from liberty cargo customers and how much they spend on wargames.

    This has been a interesting campaign where everything change from moment to moment, id would like to see that in upcoming campaign, as combined doing 5 pts per win to see how factions fight for survival.

    Combined was held at bay and we help to keep clean the galleries.

    Yu jing held his greed back to the pit they never have abandoned.

    Nomads stay hidden at their gorge

    And haqq stay licking his wounds with the spit of treason

    Ateks are not for space and let all the control to O12 but try to overtake the astroport pancakes and cheese or themselves.

    Aleph made a great campaign retaking the control zone but saddly couldnt overtake the nomads arachne nodes.

    Tohaa made a focused attempt and do great.

    NA2 this superb this time, saddly they didnt hold the pit for themselves they need the money from those minerals.

  • JJ.konko says:

    Another odd point CB made was that the Bottom as YJs main target where most of our efforts were placed, when the vast majority of our points were in the pit even before it was taken by NA2.

    If we lose the pit in the end we still deserve an “eye for an eye” stile write up as we also took an NA2 zone. I would be happy to live with a bit of shit talking too.

    But as it is we are also being dissed for failure in a location we were not going for.

    Simply taking a 5 minute look at our message board would show as much.

  • Alexander Wallach says:

    We will see how the situation will evolve in the coming hours. For the moment it seems to me that there is enough “meat in the fire” (as we say in Italian slang).

  • JJ.konko says:

    They also have given us no credit for taking the main strip bar in phase 1

  • JJ.konko says:

    10 days controlling the pit and the Japanese bottom (in the face of two other factions, one of which has i higher score overall) and retaking the pit within two days out losing out lead


    Under 2 days of losing out lead at the pit.

    CB goes for, “an embarrassing failure.”

    I hope this is not where CB leave things.

  • Glaive_Commander says:

    The Black Order Legion accomplished their mission on Novvy Bangkok
    Now we can leave this filthy stone.

    Glaive Commander infiltrator specialist leader of the Black Order

    “I will flay the skin from your flesh and the flesh from your bones and scrape your bones dry. And still you will not have suffered enough.”

  • Cdr. Philip von Kruse says:

    Though it is true that the information is a bit outdated at the moment, it still stings a bit that our recovery of the Ops Hub was not recognized. As for the suggestion that we lean into the whole “evil empire” thing, I do not believe that is the actual point as to why so many of my compatriots are displeased. I do believe it is the lack of acknowledgement of our recovery, though I cannot speak for all Yu Jing players of course. The comments about CB not liking Yu Jing and fluffing against them may or may not be true, but is likely more related to the fact that if this is the final update and final fluff for the campaign, it really doesn’t seem fair when: 1. The campaign is not yet over and Yu Jing retook the Ops Hub, making this info outdated for purposes of fluffing the campaign, and 2. Not recognizing the recovery that Yu Jing achieved.

  • Wizzy says:

    ೕ(•̀ㅂ•́ ) Hurraaaaah Brohaa, Heroes Tohaa Lives Matters in the Human Sphere !!!!

  • Adrivanix30 says:

    More than the evil maniac enslaving vengeful superpower, what we felt not taking into consideration was the fact that we got to organise ourselves and regain positions all along two days. But anyway we know what we did and the outcome

  • Nazroth says:

    To Yu-Jing players: guys, at this point I recommend just going with the tide and roleplay Yu-Jing as a power hungry, unforgiving, evil superempire. No matter what you do you seem to end up in the same spot fluff wise – I would embrace this if I were you.

  • Berithh says:

    I thought O-12 and Ariadna shared the Xraks Battery as allies, as per the PDF…

  • ObviousGray says:

    @Danger Rose

    I get your point, but before; you know our fanbase got busted upon Uprising, and it took us many good commanders by that shock. From then we tried to rebuild our lines, we tried it on Kurage, we thought we could do it after Invincibles, and thats why Yu Jing commanders were very eager to show teamwork and RP. For us, this campaign was the golden chance to take out scars from before.

    Consider it, even you can’t fully agree with it, but that was our side upon this ranting.

  • thepoorman says:

    A campaign getting a sudden and unexpected extension, eh? Classic.

  • Danger Rose says:

    Wow, Yu Jing players complaining about their treatment? What a surprise!

    I know people who posted won’t read this, but if anyone else is interested: Since the FIRST campaign, us players have built our own narrative. Things that happened in Flamia had reppercusions that extend to this day.

    Why do Tohaa attack Yu Jing? Because of Narooma (in Operation Flamestrike, Yu Jing took over that location and Tohaa players have not forgotten).

    Why do Nomads and Haqqislam go to each other’s aid every time they can? Because we worked together on Operation Flamestrike and those ties run deep among players.

    Why did Haqqislam attack Ariadna? Because during Wotan campaign, Ariadna went “off script” and decided winning was more important than keeping our alliance. And while Ariadna buried the hatches with PanO, they never did so with the Allies they turned their back on.

    Every year, Aleph players work wonders to be relevant, despite being so few. They fight against all odds and take on the Nomads, knowing they will also have to deal with Haqqislam.

    Ariandna and PanO players take their respective Faction’s World View and embtace it. You have no idea the fun we Haqqislam player got on locking horns with Ariadna on the IC Forums.

    Speaking of which! O-12!!! You guys rocked! First time and came in kicking ass and taking names. Your IC participation has been nothin less than spectacular.

    CA players look for ways to interact too and I love their new “we’re just normal hoomans, doin’ normal hooman business” take.

    And since Campaign ONE, none of it goes to the official books; but that doesn’t matter, what matters is that WE lived though it, that we get to interact with so many interesting people year after year, and forge narratives that will have serious consequences for our factions. Do you think Ariadna is going to pass the page and let Haqqislam off the hook so easily next campaign?

    CB people are a tad busy, probably biting more than they can chew, but they do what they can. Complaining on our FOURTH campaign that things we do don’t go to the official narrative when it has never happened comes across as naive.

    The campaigns are for US, the players. Have fun, engage your Faction Forums, the IC Forums, build the narrative you want to see in your reports, and for the love of all things cinnamon swirled, stop whining!!!!

    If they tell you you are boring, lack ambition and are only good for Turtling-Up; don’t go to the forums and cry about it, get organized and show everyone what happens when they challenge you.

    I’m Haqqislam, and I put my money where my mouth is.

  • El Indio says:

    Combined had a very difficult campaign, with only a handful active player and too many “ghosts”

  • DragonZla says:

    @Evered Combined army was a mistake 🙂

  • Evered says:

    not a word about CA…

  • Thorongil says:

    Whatever the result, I must say to me this was a great campaign.
    And I had a blast to belong and participate in the Yu Jing community.

    I have never met a game community so proactive in welcoming new player, pushing RP as a team, respective of one another, and encouraging even in dire time, wether gamey or real for some.

    I will gladly fight alongside my fellow Yu Jing Commanders any day.

    Kudos to them, and glad to be a part of this great moment!

  • ObviousGray says:

    I guess we gotta thank CB for writing this, while they’re so busy upon preparing Defiance. Thank you CB.

  • Ayaxs says:

    This Is old news, having read this on friday would have made much more sense and would also been encouraging to be more involved, but now it only confirms that both updates were written hastly and just as a chore to be done with.

  • Yue Fei says:

    Lol CB, you’re a couple of days behind on your Yu Jing Netflix season here. We’ve seen the epic plot twist for the season finale and while we don’t want to give spoilers but it doesn’t end well for NA-2…

    Happy to hear what you think when you’ve had time to catch up!

  • Cdr. Philip von Kruse says:

    Would have much rather had the final narrative written when it would actually be over and determined as to whom held what areas. This seems somewhat sloppy and I must admit it does not exactly make me happy.

  • Onisa says:

    I am proud to be part of yu yings community. We dont deserve this report! We have shown during the campaign that we are united, that we have a respectful, supportive and tremendously motivated community. It is something very beautiful! We certainly deserve much more than Corvus admits, but it is also a reward to be part of this! Thanks to all commanders for their enthusiasm and motivation!

  • Onisa says:

    I am proud to be part of yu yings community. I think taht this report is a shame! We have shown during the campaign that we are united, that we have a respectful, supportive and tremendously motivated community. It is something very beautiful! We certainly deserve much more than Corvus admits, but it is also a reward to be part of this community! Thanks to all commanders for their enthusiasm and motivation!

  • Broseidon says:

    Man this is the crap everyone was talking about. If this is the final narrative for Yu Jing why did you wait to post it today? I spent hours writing the last three reports this weekend and they were obviously not going to matter now.
    Screw these campaigns. Just write your fluff and make Yu Jing lose everything. Don’t put up pretense that the campaign matters.

  • Lady Numiria says:

    Thanks for the update despite the preparation of Defiance.

    I’m curious to see if Combined Army strategy for maximum damages in last stand on this rock will be remembered or not, as same for durians YJ inspectors and Nomad’s P-0NY units in all this mess…

  • Melkiach says:

    @ObviousGray, doesn’t matter what they say, we know that Yu Jing is making a good community campaign


  • Drunkergnom says:

    Where are P-0NY? Why are you forget them?

  • Cazboab says:

    Yes, a few things are a couple of hours out of date, but I don’t see anything in the post about YuJing being the villain…

  • Shiwen says:

    Definitely a summary that seems a little bit out of date based on whats happening on the ground. But the StateEmpire of Yu Jing marches towards its inevitable victory and no foe can stand against it, whether those foes be Japanese insurrectionists OR fluff writers!

  • ThePayneTrayn says:

    Yeah. “Ariadna lost control to O-12?” It was a joint venture! It should either have been O-12 to start, or it should have been controlled through both via an alliance system. So far, the fluff from CB has been meh.

  • Lion Tremere says:

    Thank you for finding a time in the busy Defiance-packed schedule to write this amazingly funny summary! :3
    Beware of Tohaa, new evil masters of black markets, muahaha! ^,…,^

  • Thorongil says:

    A new ” maniacal laugher before the dumb evil bad guys loose” fu man chu yellow peril narrative.


    For all Yu Jing players, given the quality of reports we all tried to push, the atmosphere on our forum, which is really welcoming, friendly with newbies, and push the rp way much more than I have seen otherwise,and strive to provide good batrep with good pics of good table and painted minis…
    Yeah that’s kind of a slap in the face.

    I get you guys are very busy and good luck with all of what is coming…

    But if you want us to fit some kind of caricatural narrative, then be open about this.

  • Melchior says:

    Well its the state of maybe sunday afternoon, better a late statement then never! Thanks for the Campaign so far. I understand that defiance ook ressoures and its more important too. So long and thanks for all the fish

  • Adrivanix30 says:

    This looks like it has been written almost a couple days before the weekend? We retreated from the bottom as @ObviousGrey points out as soon as the NA2 focused on us with the Tohaa backup at the Strip, and all along the weekend we worked towards regaining the control on the Pit.
    I guess you’ve been busy with Defiance or whatever but man… This just leaves a bitter aftertaste

  • ObviousGray says:

    All you wanted upon Yu Jing was to be humiliated again, that same old Japanese medley, and beard-twisting villians?

  • ObviousGray says:

    Guess you guys really don’t care about the results. Have a look at scoreboard.

  • ObviousGray says:

    We held the line, We withdrawed from Main strip, and this is it? Wow, it is Disappointing.

  • ObviousGray says:

    Really disappointing.