Asteroid Blues


Greetings, players.

This is Bostria from Corvus Belli.

First of all, I must extend a big thank you for all the player communities that are enjoying the campaign and making it awesome with their participation, their commitment to their factions , their fair play and their roleplaying wich makes it even better.

Corvus Belli is very busy these days accomplishing the deadlines for their most ambitious projects yet: the upcoming Kickstarter Campaign for the INFINITY Dungeon Crawler game “Infinity DEFIANCE” and also the first draft for N4.

So, if you noticed certain lack of communication on the campaign events I assume all responsibility, it’s all my fault.

The latest events have been witnessed by the campaign moderators, Koni & myself. We also have direct communication with the faction liaisons. So these are the PHASE 1 highlights to CB eyes: 

Wednesday 18th 

In a stunning and surprise assault, Haqqislam defeated Ariadna’s forces at the Xaracs Battery Field – taking it for themselves. This was the first major victory of the campaign, and something that would set the tone for the days to come. 

Friday 20th

With renewed effort, the Ariadian forces struck back at Haqqislam, pushing them back from the Battery Field and reclaiming the territory. With a particularly strong lead, this wasn’t the last bit of aggression that we would see from the Haqqislam army. 

Fresh from their loss of the Xaracs Battery Field, Haqqislam struck again – this time at NA-2 Forces holding the Main Strip. Again, another hard won victory for Haqqislam. 

Saturday 21st 

Old rivalries flared up over the weekend, with ALEPH defeating allied Nomad Forces holding The Gorge Cosmika. The Nomads, unable to stand up to the vicious and relentless assault were forced to abandon the location, giving dominance to ALEPH forces. 

Sunday 22nd

With the battle raging over the Xaracs Battery field, Ariadna again felt the sting of defeat as Haqqislam redoubled their efforts, striking down the stubborn Ariadnan reserves that were clinging desperately to their bastion on Novvy Bangkok. 

Monday 23rd

Harry’s Bar, a den on inequity and ne’er-do-wells has declared themselves under new management – as property of the Yu-Jing Empire. NA-2 forces hoping to hold onto the bar were forced into flight by the might of this great nation.

With the Yu-Jing sitting on their laurels and basking in their hard-fought victory over NA-2 forces, they quickly realized that they would have better spent that time reinforcing their ranks, as NA-2 swept back into the bar with gusto – cleaning house and showing the great Empire that their arms only reach so far. 

With all of the excitement taking place at Harry’s Bar, we can’t forget to mention that the O-12 had claimed the Battery Ammo Module for their own. 

The Xaracs Battery Field was also swept clean of remaining Ariadnan dissidents, and could safely now be considered Haqqislam territory.  

With O-12 in the picture, the remaining Tohaa in the Human Sphere set their eyes on the prize – defeating O-12 at the Xaracs Battery Module and continuing to reinforce this region with troops of their own. 

Thursday 26th

The Nomad forces are not standing up well to ALEPH, who late in the week managed to defeat the Nomads at Cosmica HQ – forcing the Nomad Nation to live upto it’s namesake – and move on without a home of their own. 

From Corvus Belli we would like to congratulate Commmanders:

Graviton , PillageIdiot, Jager Nadim , WiseKensai and Lowell bullock for their excellent battle reports. Your factions superiors should be proud of you.

The good news is that PHASE 1 is not over yet. Players sttill have time to double their efforts on these last hours. The final deadline is next Monday 30th at 5:00 PM UK Time. That will be the last moment for reporting battle results. Final victories and territorial domination over the locations will be decided at that last moment.

In the following minutes, the Novvy Bangkok map will switch to PHASE 2. All previous missions and hot spots in the locations will be over and new missions and new spots will open for continuing the fight.

A new PDF file will deliver another wave of information for all commanders.

From CB we would like to wish good luck for all commanders loyal to their factions. 

History is written with the blood of heroes. 

Have an epic weekend.